Cleveland, Ohio (December 12, 2008)  Two new Force Measurement Test Kits are now available from NOSHOK, The Instrumentation Company: the Chain Hoist Testing Kit (CHTK) and the Weld Force Testing Kit (WFTK).


With the new CHTK tester for overload cutoff, NOSHOK offers a precise, durable and dependable tester for slip couplings on chain hoists. The CHTK provides a wide range of measurement, with high accuracy, low weight and ease of use.

To perform the test, the force transducer is inserted into the chain, travels upwards with it against the base of the chain hoist and thereby blocks the chain. The display unit allows you to read the load at which the friction clutch stalls.

The CHTK consists of a force transducer with integrated handle and a display unit. Two chain adapters and three centering sleeves are also included in the kit, to ensure the CHTK can be used for most types of chain hoists in the specified load range. The large illuminated graphic display makes it very easy for the user to read the measured values. Optionally, 99 different data sets can be stored and transferred via an infrared interface to a PC.  The CHTK’s special feature is the single sensor concept for the entire load range.

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NOSHOK’s Weld Force Testing Kit (WFTK) is designed to easily and accurately check electrode force in spot welding equipment. The WFTK consists of a force transducer, a handheld display unit, plastic carrying case, charger, 2-meter signal cable and Manufacturer’s Test Certificate. The WFTK Kit weighs only 13 lbs, and features a Max/Min Value Memory, a large illuminated display, and electrode diameters of 14...20mm.

To check the force acting on the electrodes, the force transducer is held between the electrodes. The concave surfaces center the force transducer. When the welding electrodes come together, the magnitude of the applied force can be read on the display unit. The force transducer is of a shear force construction and, therefore, insensitive to transverse forces and torques. It has a measuring range of 0…10kN. The output signal is connected to the handheld display unit via a cable. This display unit carries the voltage supply for the transducer. Alternatively, the supply can be taken from a PLC.  The sensor, which is laser welded, has all the advantages of the conventional bonded foil strain gauges, but without having their substantial disadvantages (temperature drifts due to the glue and creeping).  

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