Cleveland, Ohio (November 10,  2008)  Designed for ultimate precision control in crucial temperature requirement applications, NOSHOK’s 850 Series Electronic Temperature Switch/Transmitter utilizes PT100 technology to provide continuous temperature monitoring, electronic temperature switching, and transmission of analog output of 4-20 mA while providing local digital indication.

Two buttons on top allow simple adjustment of the temperature set points, reset points, switching functions and the measuring range of the optional analog output. These extensive features and wide measuring range (between -300°F and 1100°F/ -200°C and 600°C) cover the majority of temperature measuring and switching tasks.

A variety of stem lengths, which are also available with adjustable insertion lengths, add to the versatility of the NOSHOK 850 Series. All wetted parts as well as the housing are made of stainless steel for corrosion protection and durability.

The NOSHOK 850 Temperature Switch/Transmitter is a durable, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate product, ideal for applications such as Industrial Automation & Power Generation, HVAC, Air Conditioning Technology, Industrial Manufacturing, Environmental Technology, Transportation and Marine.

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850 Hi-Res Photo

850 Switch monitors the heating & cooling circuit, & with the predetermined switch points keeps it operating at optimum efficiency.

In large commercial or industrial sized A/C units, the 850 Switch can be used to monitor the heat on the motor and cool or shut it down when it exceeds the set point.

In this industrial composter, the 850 Switch can monitor & sustain the temp of above 131F  for sanitation, but also allow sufficient oxygen airflow for aerobic degradation without dropping below that temp.

In this application, the engine’s coolant system can be monitored. When the temp increases to the switch point, other motors turn on to reduce load on original or take over.


There are a number of situations the 850 Switch is used in this application, such as monitoring boilers, coolers, machine and metal temperatures.

In this re-circulating aquatic system, the 850 Switch maintains the crucial temp for good water quality as well as the health of the fish being raised for commercial consumption.

The 850 Switch monitors Critical Rail Temperatures and alerts of any problems.
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