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Volume 12, Issue 3 (Fall 2020)

New! Chat Feature on NOSHOK Website

New chat feature on NOSHOK website!To supplement the support provided by our Customer Support team from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday EST, a live chat option is now active on the NOSHOK website to provide quick answers to questions regarding NOSHOK products or services



New Features & Tips for Searching On The NOSHOK Portal

In response to customer feedback, we have been taking measures to improve and add to the functionality of the NOSHOK portal.

Related products and accessories that will complete your system or fit your application requirements are now featured on product pages, for easy and convenient bundle ordering. Pricing and stock availability of these items is displayed as well.

In addition, we have implemented updates to significantly improve the search function on the portal. The exact part searched now shows up as the first result, followed by similar parts. 

Searching Tips

Simply enter a complete or partial part number, product name or product attribute (i.e. pressure range etc.) into the Search Bar at the top of the page. To narrow search, you can combine key words, as shown below.

Search examples:

  1. Full Part Number: 25-901-160-psi/kPa
  2. Partial Part Number: 25-901
  3. Key Words such as:
    • 160 psi/kpa
    • Glycerin Fill
    • 160 psi/kpa, Glycerin Fill

Portal Reminders

The NOSHOK portal is available 24/7 for ordering, product availability, pricing, checking order status and more.

Orders may still be emailed to orders@noshok.com, however if you place an order on the portal there is no need to send an email as well. After you place an order on the NOSHOK portal, you will receive an email order confirmation with projected shipment date(s) as soon as our technical clarification department has confirmed your order.

The ordering function allows you to search for 102,000+ NOSHOK part numbers, and simply add the item to your cart. Previous orders can also be added to the cart and re-ordered. We will be adding more part configurations weekly. Orders placed on the NOSHOK portal will apply the standard discount. 

If you are interested in a demo of the ordering process, please reach out to the NOSHOK Customer Support Team or your NOSHOK Regional Sales Manager.

In addition to the convenient new ordering capability, the NOSHOK Portal provides instant verification of important data such as price and stock availability, as well as useful information such as tracking numbers for shipments. This information is available instantly at any time of day, whether during local Eastern Standard Time work hours or otherwise.

A live chat option is active on the NOSHOK Portal to help answer any questions regarding portal functionality or order status.

To see who has NOSHOK Portal access from your organization, login and select Account Information. If access needs to be removed please contact NOSHOK Customer Support.

Product Focus

Diaphragm Seal Solutions For Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Marine & More

NOSHOK provides a comprehensive offering of standard & elevated pressure, and reduced pressure replaceable and non-replaceable Diaphragm Seals.

NOSHOK Diaphragm Seals ensure process safety and integrity by isolating and protecting pressure measurement devices from corrosive, erosive, viscous, slurry or high temperature process media.

These seals are available with a variety of connection sizes, as well as o-ring and housing materials for a wide range of applications, and are backed by an industry-leading warranty. NOSHOK offers a comprehensive portfolio of seal types (in-line, flow through, front flush) and extensive process connections (male and female NPT, flanged and sanitary).

Certified calibrations traceable to NIST are also available.

To complement our Diaphragm Seal Solutions products, NOSHOK offers accessories including capillaries, cooling elements and sanitary clamps and gaskets.

RFQ - Diaphragm Seals

More Information

Download Capabilites Flyer



KING-GAGE Filtration Solutions For Pneumatic, Fluidic & Coatings Systems, Critical Instrumentation, Packaging & Paint

KING-GAGE offers a wide variety of compressed air filtration solutions including end-use filters, Ultra-C filters and Air Guard Filters.

End-Use Filters

Filtering the entire compressed air system at one central location does not generally provide sufficient cleaning for all end-use applications.

Also, most compressed air piping contains some amount of rust, scale, and condensed liquids. 

Water vapor that may be present in warm air will tend to condense into liquid when the air cools. A compressed air filter installed just upstream of the end-use is generally the most efficient means of ensuring clean, dry air. These end-use filters can provide clean air to meet individual process requirements.

Many types of pneumatic equipment and processes use compressed air that must be clean, dry, and oil-free. This requires the removal of liquids, aerosols, dust, and solid particulates from the airstream.

KING-GAGE Ultra-C Filters

The preferred choice for high efficiency compressed air filtration, KING Ultra-C Filters utilize a two stage design with a color indicating cartridge. These filters deliver extremely clean air for fluidic systems, critical instrumentation, packaging, paint, and coatings systems. The primary first stage element effectively removes not only solid particulate but also the extremely small aerosols of water and oil present in compressed air systems. A second “polisher” cartridge element guards against any carryover of contaminants and helps deliver even cleaner air output from the filter.

Air Guard Filters

Larger capacity flow rates and more durable construction mark our KING Air Guard line of compressed air filters. As with all KING filters, they deliver extremely clean air for fluidic systems, critical instrumentation, packaging, paint, and coatings systems. Models rated for 60 scfm and up incorporate right angle inlet/outlet porting for optimal air line piping arrangement.

Download KING-GAGE Brochure

More info on KING-GAGE Ultra-C Filters

More info on Air-Guard Filters

NEW! 3- and 5-Valve Compact Manifolds

NOSHOK recently added 3- and 5- valve compact manifolds to our instrument valve portolio. These manifolds provide instrument port spacing that is compatible with either standard MSS SP-99 or the Rosemount™ Coplanar™ platform. Optional packings, stem tips, o-rings and handle types are available, and all NOSHOK valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for performance and reliability.

NOSHOK's new 3040 Series Compact Style Hard Seat Manifolds are designed for use with with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves and an equalizing valve in differential pressure measurement.

NOSHOK's new 3040 Series Compact Style Hard Seat Manifolds

More Info - 3040 Series

RFQ - 3040 Series

NOSHOK 5040/5090 Series Manifolds are available with a power pattern (5040) or natural gas ( 5090) flow path.

The 5040 Series compact style, power pattern manifold is designed for use with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves, one equalizing valve and two vent valves in power pattern applications.

The 5090 Series compact style, natural gas flow manifold is used with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves, two equalizing valves and a vent valve in natural gas applications.

More Info - 5040/5090 Series

RFQ - 5040/5090 Series

Application Insight


There are a variety of options and accessories for pressure gauges and pressure transducer/transmitters that are designed to address specific application requirements, and ensure safe operation and installment.

Liquid filling in a pressure gauge reduces the effects of mechanical vibration and pressure pulsation, and can dampen pressure spikes during operation making the gauge pointer easier to read.


Piston snubbers protect a gauge, transducer, or transmitter from pressure pulsation and pressure spikes. This type of snubber resists clogging and is self-cleaning.

Sintered snubbers are another cost effective solution to protect expensive instrumentation. Sintered snubbers increase gauge readability by smoothing out pressure surges, pulsations and spikes. Multiple elements can be chosen for each snubber to accommodate specific application needs such as gases, water, light oil and heavy oil.


Steam syphons protect the gauge, transducer, or transmitter from the damaging effects of high temperature steam, and are recommended for use in all steam applications.


Diaphragm seals are designed to isolate and/or protect pressure gauges, pressure transducers and pressure transmitters from corrosive, viscous, contaminated or very high temperature process media. See the article above for more detailed information on seals.


Needle valves can provide block and bleed function for a pressure sensor in the system. Good industry practices state that a pressure measurement device should be “blocked in or have a block and bleed feature” for safety and ability to service the instrument.


NOSHOK Application Insight Articles

Did you know that a variety of useful application-specific articles are available on our website? These include articles with useful information such as:

Other articles are organized by application, including hydraulics, oil & gas, industrial, water/wastewater, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and medical.

Tech Tip

Q: How do you size a pressure gauge relative to process pressures, normal operating pressures, and maximum pressures in the process? (Dynamic or static process pressures)

A: The pressure range of a gauge should be a minimum of 10% over the maximum working pressure in static conditions (no pressure fluctuations). In dynamic conditions, the gauge range should be a minimum of 40% over the maximum working pressure. Ideally, the pressure gauge range should be selected for a midscale reading during normal operating pressures.

See more NOSHOK Tech Tips

Customer Connection

The Holidays Are Coming - Win $100!

Want to win some extra money, and help us provide you with even higher levels of service and support?

Simply send us your feedback on NOSHOK, a brief description of how NOSHOK products provided a solution in your application, and/or how a NOSHOK representative helped you with a challenge. Send videos or photos of our products in your application as well if possible. It will only take you a few minutes and you could win $100!

Please e-mail your testimonial and video/photo(s) to spritt@noshok.com, and include your name, title and company name.

Your e-mail indicates your consent to have your feedback, testimonial, photos, and/or video featured in any NOSHOK printed or online marketing materials including our website and social media. You can also choose for us to share your testimonial anonymously, if you’d rather not have your company or personal name published. If this is the case, please indicate your preference in your e-mail submission.

Everyone who sends us their feedback / testimonial will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 VISA Gift Card. Submissions must be e-mailed by November 20, 2020. The drawing for the VISA Gift Card will be held on November 27th, 2020, and the winner will be notified via e-mail.

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