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Volume 14, Issue 1 (Spring 2022)

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Product Focus

Process Gauge Upgrade, Reduced Pricing

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NOSHOK has implemented material and design upgrades to enhance quality, and streamlined processes to reduce pricing on our turret style 600/700 Series Process Gauges.

We are offering a $10 net cost for certified calibrations on all NOSHOK 600/700 Series Process Gauge orders placed in 2022.

NOSHOK Process Gauges feature 316 Stainless Steel or Brass wetted parts and offer vacuum and compound ranges from 0 psi through 15,000 psi. These gauges are ideal for applications including injection molding machines, laboratory & test equipment, power generation, oil & gas, offshore, petrochemical and refining, utilities and water & wastewater.

NOSHOK 600/700 Series Process Gauges fully conform to ASME B40.100 specifications.

915 Series RTDs In Stock For Faster Delivery

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More Information

As part of our continual process improvement efforts and to provide faster delivery, we have obtained additional components and raw materials to build and stock multiple configurations of the NOSHOK 915 Series probe type industrial RTDs with connection heads.

Please contact your NOSHOK RSM or Customer Support for more information, or to see which specific part numbers are now available from stock.

Upgraded & Expanded Compact Temperature Transmitters

NOSHOK's upgraded 810 Series Compact Temperature Transmitters offer expanded temperature range options and additional stem lengths.

Features include:

  • Compact size
  • Proven PT1000 sensor provides reliability, stability and unbeatable performance
  • All 316 Stainless Steel housing and wetted materials
  • Fully welded construction with M12 electrical connection provides enhanced durability
  • Standard temperature ranges from -22 °F to 302 °F (-30 °C to 150°C)
  • 4 mA to 20 mA transmitter included • Pressure rating of 3,915 psi (270 bar)
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI, and ESD
  • Ideal for applications including mobile hydraulics, automotive, heat exchangers, HVAC, transportation and refrigeration controls

Please contact your NOSHOK RSM or Customer Support for more information, or to see which specific part numbers are now available from stock.



Application insight

Simple Pressure Switches Can Be An Ideal Basic Control Solution

In today’s modern process automation and control landscape, sensor technologies are becoming more sophisticated and widely applied. To make meaningful use of these technologies, process control systems have also become more sophisticated requiring expert specialists to architect and implement. Some applications however are not better served with the overhead and sophistication of these types of integrated control systems. In these cases, something as ordinary as a simple pressure switch can be a perfect solution for a basic control application.

In certain applications, a pressure switch can achieve equal control without all of the overhead of an intelligent process controller (like a PLC) and additional control logic. Even more, the cost to implement and maintain an intelligent control system over time can be orders of magnitude greater than a simple control scheme achieved with a pressure switch. Standards compliance within intelligent control systems can also add additional cost in some applications. 

When pressure switches can be applied in an application, it is important to follow some basic guidelines in choosing the right switch for the application. Up front, it is important to consider all of the basic application requirements to narrow the selection of a device. Pressure and temperature requirements of the application can quickly guide users into devices that will perform well. Materials of construction and media compatibility should also be a first consideration when choosing a pressure switch device. From this point, the details of how the switch will operate in the application should be considered.

In general, switch selection can be broken down into three different categories.  

The first category is gross, binary pressure sensing. These are applications where it is valuable to know if pressure is present or absent across a wide pressure domain. 

In this case, creep action switches are a very good choice. These devices are cost effective and quite capable of handling simple on/off applications. An example application might be using a creep action pressure switch to sense the state of a compressed air system and indicate the state with a lighted beacon. Caution should be applied when the set and reset state of the application is very narrow however. Creep action pressure switches can fail in applications where the electrical contacts hover near the switch make / break point. In this case, the electrical switch can repeatedly arc and erode the contacts.

Snap action pressure switches are a better choice when the sensing pressure domain is in a narrow band or when the pressure moves slowly up to the switch point. In applications like these, a snap action switch will positively change state with a more deliberate switching action. Additionally, snap action switches have a more definite reset window by their nature. Therefore, in applications where the pressure creeps up to the set point, the electrical switch does not cycle between make and break repeatedly. In this case the snap action switch positively switches and a perceptible reduction in pressure is required for the switch to reset. This is the hysteresis of the switch. 

A good application for snap action pressure switches might include a pressure limit cut off with a manual reset. This type of application can be routinely found on mobile hydraulic cranes. These cranes typically have a maximum load carrying capability that can be sensed by the pressure in the hydraulic system. 

When the hydraulic pressure extends beyond the safe working limit of the crane, a pressures switch is used to cut off the hydraulic motor. 

When the application requires a little more control than a basic mechanical pressure switch can provide, electronic pressure switches should be considered. These devices can be considered the step between a full automated control system and a simple on/off pressure sensing device. Many electronic pressure switches are available with extended functionality beyond simple pressure sensing and switching. Often times, these devices also offer explicit reset pressure setting as well as delay times when the set points have been reached. With these extended functions, more sophisticated applications can be addressed while still maintaining a cost effective and simple solution. 

One example application that could be a good fit for an electronic pressure switch includes tank filling applications. In some holding tank applications, it is simple and convenient to control the level in the tank with a simple electronic pressure switch connected directly to the filling pump. 

The pressure switch can then be set for separate high and low level set points. The low level set point can initiate a filling cycle that is turned off at the high set point. Delay timers can also be applied to ensure that the level in the tank is positively beyond the intended switch set point (taking into account product agitation in the tank).

With a basic technical knowledge regarding pressure switch types and capabilities, these instruments can be an excellent choice for control applications when the sophistication of an intelligent control system is not necessary.

NOSHOK Pressure Witches - More Opions, Fast Delivery


Website & E-Commerce Support

The events of the last few years have changed the landscape of how the world does business, and the emergence of digital sales and B2B e-commerce has become an integral part of modern sales strategy.

NOSHOK can provide product data to help populate our partners’ websites and e-commerce sites. An export from our PIM (Product Information Management) system can be provided which includes part numbers with descriptions, specifications, attributes, image reference, and list and net pricing. We provide access to our Dropbox folder which houses the images and assets referenced in the file.

This file can be provided in a variety of formats including xslx, .xls, .txt and others depending on your requirements. We can also provide available stock inventory to be automatically delivered on a schedule.

Contact Adam Hershey for more information or to set up a TEAMS call to get started!

ACH Payment Option

To help streamline the payment process, NOSHOK offers the option of making payments via ACH.

There are several benefits of using this option, including eliminating postage fees and mailing delays, reducing processing time, and providing increased security.

Please contact NOSHOK's Accounting Manager Emily Dillen at 440-243-0888 or email her for our ACH information.

Join Us At The CheeseExpo!

Join us at CheeseExpo 2022 in booth #1864 from April 12-14 in Milwaukee Wisconsin! Use our promo code EXHIBITS for $35 access to exhibits with complimentary lunches & receptions.

We will be exhibiting as KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company at the CheeseExpo 2022. Stop by booth #1864 and ask about our pressure & level transmitters which easily integrate into your system with no adaptors, and deliver reliable performance with active temperature compensation for fast, accurate readings that help prevent tank overflow.

Our instrumentation for the food & beverage industry offers many competitive, money-saving advantages that deliver superior performance, including exclusive design benefits, 3A certification & Hart® options, multiple connection options & a 3 year warranty.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Register for CheeseExpo

NOSHOK - KING-GAGE Show Schedule

Measurement Solutions For The Food & Beverage Industry

NOSHOK-KING-GAGE Portal - A Quick, Convenient Way To Place Orders & More

The NOSHOK - KING-GAGE Portal is available 24/7 for ordering, product availability, pricing, checking order status and more.

Orders may still be emailed to orders@noshok.com and orders@king-gage.com, however if you place an order on the portal there is no need to send an email as well. After you place an order on the NOSHOK - KING-GAGE portal, you will receive an email order confirmation with projected shipment date(s) as soon as our technical clarification department has confirmed your order.

The ordering function allows you to search for 100,000+ NOSHOK and nearly 500 KING-GAGE part numbers, and simply add the item to your cart. Previous orders can also be added to the cart and re-ordered. We will be adding more part configurations weekly. Orders placed on the NOSHOK - KING-GAGE portal will apply the standard discount. 

If you are interested in a demo of the ordering process, please reach out to our Customer Support Team or your Regional Sales Manager.

Tech Tip

Q: How do you calculate the stem length of a thermowell?

A: The bore depth “S” of a thermowell can be used as a reference for the maximum stem length. The “S” must equal or exceed the length of the sensitive portion of the instrument's stem.

See more NOSHOK Tech Tips

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