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Volume 14, Issue 3 (Winter 2022)

Website & E-Commerce Support

The landscape of doing business is ever evolving, and the emergence of digital sales and B2B e-commerce has become an essential part of modern sales strategy.

NOSHOK can provide product data to help populate our partners’ websites and e-commerce sites. An export from our PIM (Product Information Management) system can be provided which includes part numbers with descriptions, specifications, attributes, image references, and list and net pricing.

We provide access to our Dropbox folder which houses the images and assets referenced in the file.

The PIM export can be provided in xslx, .xls, .txt and other formats depending on your requirements. We can also provide available stock inventory to be automatically delivered on a schedule.

Contact Adam Hershey for more information or to set up a TEAMS call to get started!

Product Focus

2070 Series 2-Valve Block & Bleed, Hard Seat Needle Valves

NOSHOK 2070 Series Needle valves combine isolating and venting in a single valve, eliminating the need for tubing and fittings, and feature a 10,000 psi hard seat pressure rating @ 200 °F. These valves are also available in a soft seat version.

The block valve blocks the upstream process, isolating the downstream media. The bleed valve can then exhaust the downstream media enabling instruments to be safely removed without disturbing the permanent piping installation.

The vent plug, used for venting to atmosphere, can be removed exposing the ¼” FNPT tap so that tubing can be easily connected for safe exhaustion of hazardous media.

All NOSHOK valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability.

Please contact your NOSHOK RSM or Customer Support for more information.

More Info - 2070 Series Needle Valves

RFQ - 2070 Series Needle Valves

Process Gauge Upgrade, Reduced Pricing in 2022

Act quickly to place your order before the promotion ends!

We are offering a $10 net cost for certified calibrations on NOSHOK Process Gauge orders placed in 2022 (600/700 Series Gauges only.)

NOSHOK Process Gauges now feature a black Polypropylene safety case with solid front and blow-out back.

These gauges feature 316 Stainless Steel or Brass wetted parts and offer vacuum and compound ranges through 0 psi to 15,000 psi.

Ideal for applications including:

  • Injection molding machines
  • Laboratory and test equipment
  • Power generation
  • Oil field and offshore
  • Utilities
  • Water and wastewater

For updated pricing, please contact NOSHOK Customer Support.

More Info - 600/700 Series Process Gauges

RFQ - 600/700 Series Process Gauges

NOSHOK is a member
and actively supports

Measurement Solutions For The Food & Beverage Industry

NOSHOK provides Measurement Solutions designed specifically for the food and beverage industry to easily integrate into your system with no adaptors, and deliver reliable performance with active temperature compensation for fast, accurate readings that help prevent tank overflow.

NOSHOK's instrumentation for the food and beverage industry offers many competitive, money-saving advantages that deliver superior performance, including exclusive design benefits, 3A certification and Hart® options, multiple connection options and a 3-year warranty.

Learn more about the technological advantages of NOSHOK's pressure and level transmitters for the food and beverage industry below, as well as the rest of our product portfolio that addresses this market.

More Information - Measurement Solutions For
The Food & Beverage Industry

Application Insight

Marine Systems For Tank Level Gauging, Draft Measurement And Ballast Monitoring

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LP3 Tank Level
Measurement System
LP2 Multiple Tank Indicator
& Setpoint Controller
LevelBAR Electronic
Columnar Indicator

KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company offers a wide variety of instrumentation for tank level, draft monitoring and vessel management which is ideal for level monitoring of ballast water, fuel oil, fresh water, lube oil, brine, preload and holding.

KING-GAGE offers electronic process indicators including the LP3 Series Tank Level Measurement System which provides continuous real-time measurement of level in service or ballast tanks and vessel draft. Tanks are graphically displayed on the screen and include a simple bar graph icon to convey tank level status at a glance. This tank liquid level measurement display package includes signal conditioning, data acquisition and network communications link(s) that can simplify the integration of tank level into a ballast control or vessel management system.

The LP2 Series Multiple Tank Indicator & Setpoint Controller combines intelligent signal processing with accurate volumetric measurement. The LP2 will indicate tank levels for ballast water, fuel oil, potable water and/or draft measurement. An alphanumeric LCD panel provides 10-character tank identification with 8-digit display value of depth, volume and percent full. Digital serial output (RS-485) can be leveraged for integration to vessel management systems or additional remote display locations.

KING-GAGE also offers a variety of tank level purge control transmitters which provide an advanced hybrid design of proven hydrostatic (or bubbler) technology. These extremely rugged units transmit level as a proportional 4 mA to 20 mA output. Downpipe penetration can be at the top of the tank or through a lower side bulkhead.

The KING-GAGE LevelBAR Electronic Column Indicator delivers a bright multi-segment LED column to graphically display tank level or monitor vessel draft. As part of a system, the LevelBAR provides power to the remote 4–20 mA transmitter and can be used singly or in multiple locations for remote display of level. An available option provides an internal pressure sensor for direct replacement of mercury filled or Bordon tube tank gauges. Also available as on-demand tank level bubbler gauge utilizing a built-in hand pump. 

View All Marine Products

A simplified overview showing level transmitters, external remote indicators and network interface to ship’s control/management system. KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company LP3 and LP2 systems utilize a capacity profile to correlate transmitter output to actual tank capacity. Application profiles, units of measurement and/or specific gravity values can be individually assigned to each tank as stored selections within the iButton Datapack memory. 



NOSHOK is excited to partner with KYKLO, a content provider of product information and e-commerce platforms for B2B distributors.

Adam Hershey, NOSHOK Vice President of Administration stated “KYKLO’s e-commerce platform is a breakthrough solution providing distributors the simplest and most efficient platform for digital sales. NOSHOK has partnered with KYKLO to provide our enriched product data as an effective e-commerce solution!”

NOSHOK is providing rich data from our PIM to populate our partner’s e-commerce sites that are powered by KYKLO. For more information, contact Adam Hershey.

Shareable Social Media Content For NOSHOK Partners

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Content for NOSHOK

General text, image download links, and links to more information are are available for NOSHOK Partners to share on social media platforms, in e-newsletters, blogs, or any other venue on our Shareable Content web page.

Check back frequently as more content is being added regularly. If you have any suggestions for specific content you are interested in, please reach out to Sheryl Pritt, NOSHOK Marketing Manager.

Additional content for sharing is available in our Application Insight articles.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Tech Tip

Q: Explain the bult dimensions on vapor actuated thermometers.

A: The physical principles of vapor actuation require that the dial face be printed with a nonlinear, progressively graduated temperature scale. These instruments are available for direct mounting, or for remote mounting with capillary lengths up to 100 feet. Sensing bulb length is dependent upon the capillary length selected (a longer capillary length will require a longer sensing bulb length).

More Information

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Customer Connection

NOSHOK's LinkedIn Lead Generating Partner Program

Contact Us To
Receive Leads
Follow NOSHOK on

NOSHOK is committed to our partnerships and helping you discover new opportunities in your territory, finding critical decision makers, and converting opportunities to sales.

To this end, we are taking advantage of the power of social media, specifically the business platform LinkedIn.

We now offer highly targeted lists of companies and/or individuals based on position title, experience, industry, size, etc. in your region, and will share these leads with you upon request. Lists usually range anywhere from 50 to 500+ contacts depending on the parameters provided.

Contact/Lead lists will include first and last names, current company, position title, time with the company and time in the current role, and any additional information that can be obtained.

Contact/Lead lists will include first and last names, current company, position title, time with the company and time in the current role, and any additional information that can be obtained.

There are many great benefits to using LinkedIn for lead generation. As we create lead lists for our partners, we will also be inviting contacts to connect with us, for a few reasons.

First, it acts as a soft opener for an introduction to the contact/lead and advise that he/she may have already been contacted by a NOSHOK representative because we believe he/she might be a good fit for products provided by your company.

Second, when the connection invitation is accepted, the contact is essentially signing up to see NOSHOK LinkedIn posts. NOSHOK posts are seen hundreds of times and are great for free marketing to help stay top of mind with your customers.

Third, we can advise which individuals have connected, identifying the most qualified leads.

If interested in taking part in this program, please contact Dave Reulbach, NOSHOK Customer Support Specialist

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