NOSHOK The Pointer
Volume 1, Issue 2
Spring 2009

In This Issue:

* Grow Your Sales With Our Strengths

* 1000 Series Digital Gauge
300 Series OEM Transducers
* 100/150 Series Mini Valves

High Pressure Measurement Solutions For Water Jet Cutting

New Product Guide NOW AVAILABLE
* Winning Season For First Robotics Team
* Serious Muscle
* Viva Las Vegas
* NOSHOK Supports Troops with USO

Ventable Fill Plugs on Gauges

Winner of iPod Contest



Grow Your Sales With Our Strengths

Digital Pressure Gauges

Behind every successful distributor, there’s a strong supplier. During this tough economy NOSHOK is staying strong on all fronts, and we are dedicated to helping our distribution partners stay strong as well.  NOSHOK is uniquely poised to help you grow your sales, and we have many strengths you can rely on to help your business stay strong.

  • Our inventory levels are strong, with fast turn-around on orders
  • Our highly trained Regional Sales Managers provide field support in every defined region in the USA; they are willing and able to travel to your area to provide direct support in training and joint sales calls
  • Our Customer Service direct-response staff is available to personally address your needs on the first call
  • We are continually introducing cutting-edge new products – including our newly expanded valve and electronics lines

Digital Pressure Gauge Offers 4000 Hours of Battery Life

Digital Pressure Gauges

For highly accurate digital pressure indication, NOSHOK offers its 1000 Series Digital Pressure Gauge. This gauge features an integrated battery with up to 4000 hours of battery life, eliminating the necessity of fixed power supplies. Standard pressure ranges are available from 0 psig to 30 psig, to as high as 0 psig to 10000 psig. For pressure ranges above 750 psig, the wetted parts are made of stainless steel which is resistant to many chemically aggressive media.

The liquid crystal display has an integrated bar graph with a trailing indicating pointer to show the trends in a working pressure system. There is also an additional 4-1/2 digit display for a direct readout of the peak value, tare and other functions. An internal light ensures the display is optimally lit for a clear readout even in unfavorable lighting conditions. The buttons on the front of the display are used for easy adjustment of the programmable functions.

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* Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
* Pumps and Compressors
* Stamping and Forming Presses
* Test Equipment and Systems
* Industrial Machinery and Machine Tools

Affordable Compact OEM Transducer Can Handle The Pressure

NOSHOK’s 300 Series compact-sized pressure transducers deliver robust pressure measurement at an economical price. These transducers provide long term stability during operation, and are ideal for use in general industrial applications where space is limited and durability is essential.  

Their rugged, high quality stainless steel construction makes them compatible with chemically aggressive media, and highly resistant to shock and vibration. A wide variety of electrical and mechanical connections are available for easy installation into most applications along with most popular analog output signals. All electrical components carry a high degree of EMC protection compliant with EN 61 326 which make them ideal for areas where RFI, EMI or ESD signals are present.

Available in pressure ranges from 0 psig to 15 psig, and 0 psig to 10,000 psig, as well as standard absolute ranges from 15 psia to 200 psia.

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Tiny But Tough

CHTK Chain Hoist Test

Available in electroless nickel plated steel, electropolished stainless steel and natural brass; these Mini Valves were designed with your toughest applications in mind. All are equipped with both a Viton® O-Ring seal and a Teflon® back-up ring below the stem threads to protect them from corrosion and galling. The stem threads are rolled for strength and ease of operation.  They also feature a patent pending body-to-bonnet, metal-to-metal seal below the bonnet threads isolating them from the process media.  The patent pending designed incorporates a unique dovetail feature that supplements the body-to-bonnet metal-to-metal which extends the pressure range of the valve without restricting the flow.

100 Series Hard Seat Mini Valves

  • 10,000 psi maximum hard seat pressure rating for the stainless steel and steel models; 6,000 psi rating for the brass.

150 Series Soft Tip Mini Valves

  • Patented non-rotating soft tip stem with back-up metal-to-metal seal. This seal helps extend the service life of the valve by easily conforming to the metal sealing surfaces that may become damaged by corrosion, cavitations or chemical attack. 
  • 6,000 psi pressure rating for stainless steel and steel; 3,000 psi rating for brass.

All NOSHOK Valves are 100% Helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability.

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Performance Under Pressure


* Hydroforming
* Burst testing
* High pressure filtration
* High pressure/high torque tools
* High pressure lubrication
* High pressure pumping

ImageA high pressure gauge is one of the most valuable troubleshooting tools available in a Water Jet Cutting system. Many systems do not include a high pressure gauge; instead they utilize a hydraulic pressure gauge, which is not as accurate.  Standard cutting pressures range between 45,000 to 60,000 psi, which is why the need for a specialized pressure sensing instrument is crucial for both reliability and accuracy

With a standard accuracy of +/-1% Full Scale, NOSHOK’s Extreme High Pressure Gauges are exceptionally reliable in demanding applications. They come with a standard 9/16”-18 UNF 3B High Pressure Process Connection, and are available in standard dry or liquid-filled configurations with most standard options and accessories.

NOSHOK 400/500 Series Gauges
  • Pressure ranges from 0-20,000 psig through 0-60,000 psig
  • Highly effective and cost-efficient
  • Rugged stainless steel case and socket
  • Open front design with blowout protection on the rear of the case
  • Available in both 4” and 6” case sizes
NOSHOK 402/502 Series Gauges

  • Pressure ranges from 0-80,000 psig through 0-100,000 psig
  • Robust 6” design includes a solid front, safety case with blow-out back

NOSHOK 740/760 Series Gauges

  • Pressure ranges from 0-20,000 psig through 0-60,000 psig
  • 4-1/2” Phenolic Turret Safety Case
  • Rugged solid front, safety case and blow-out back

NOSHOK 615 Series Extreme High Pressure Transducers

  • Pressure ranges from 0-20,000 psig through 0-145,000 psig
  • Standard accuracy of +/-.25% Full Scale BFSL, exceptionally precise measurement
  • Features a standard 9/16”-18 UNF 3B High Pressure Process Connection
  • Available with 4-20A Current or Voltage optional outputs (0-10 vdc, 0-5 vdc etc.), and a full complement of optional electrical connectors

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NEW Product Guide Now Available

Product Guide Catalog

Our new full line Product Guide is now available, featuring our complete offering of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement products, along with our range of manifold and needle valves.  Download or order your hard copy today!

Click on link:

FRC Logo

Winning Season For First Robotics Team

Robotics Competition TeamCongratulations to NOSHOK’s Engineering Manager Michael Lancaster and his FRC team on a very successful 2009 season in the Buckeye Regional FIRST Robotics Competition! Michael and his team made it to the finals, competed in every round of the competition, and walked away with some impressive more

Serious Muscle

Joe lifting 551 lbsNOSHOK not only takes pride in the strength of our products, but also in our strong employees – and we mean that literally. Our Service Technician Joseph Lupia recently competed in a power lifting competition at the Arnold Fitness Expo 2009, held on March 6th, taking home an incredible 3rd place finish after lifting a total of 1339 lbs in three contests…read more


Viva Las Vegas

NOSHOK Product Guide CoverNOSHOK’s Soccer Team kicked it to another victory at the Cool Evening Classic II Tournament, held in Las Vegas on March 6-7. The undefeated Co-Ed NOSHOK team came on strong once again, leaving the desert with the first place trophy and $1000…read more

NOSHOK Supports Our Troops With USO

USA FlagNOSHOK is proud to support our American troops through active involvement with USO. Jim Cole, CEO of NOSHOK, currently serves as 1st Vice President on the Northern Ohio USO Board of Directors, having been elected for back-to-back two year terms…read more

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What is the purpose of the ventable fill plug on a pressure gauge?


NOSHOK installs a ventable fill plug on all liquid filled gauges with pressure ranges of 300 psi and below (including vacuum and compound). The liquid inside of the case expands and contracts with changes in barometric pressure and temperature, which affects accuracy. This condition may also cause the pointer to move from zero. When the pin is pulled, it equalizes the internal case pressure with the atmospheric pressure and returns the gauge to the calibrated accuracy.    

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Win a GPS!

Garmin Nuvi255W GPS Navigation
Garmin Nuvi255W GPS Navigation

Fill out our New Customer Survey on our website at, and you will be automatically entered to win a Garmin Nuvi255W GPS Navigation System.

This brief survey asks a few questions to help us better understand your distribution and inventory management needs, and will also give us your insight regarding the re-design of our website. Your feedback will enable us to continually improve our level of Customer Satisfaction and bring you the highest level of value possible.

A winner will be randomly selected from the list of people who have taken the survey between April 15th, 2009 and July 3rd, 2009. The drawing will be held on July 6th, 2009, and the winner will be notified by email and/or telephone.


Winner of iPod® Contest

We’re happy to announce the winner of the Winter 2008/2009 Pointer Contest…Hilton Morrow of the The N. B. Cochrane Co.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Customer Satisfaction Survey, your input gave us valuable information that will help us serve you better!

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