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NOSHOK Provides Multiple Assembly Solutions

NOSHOK offers multiple assembly options to meet your specific system requirements.

Noshok solution 1For example, you can simplify your system with this easy-to-install solution from NOSHOK. Three simple components that require a single threaded connection in your piping system will provide local indication, analog output and block/isolate with bleed function.

This product grouping is an ideal solution for a variety of applications including oil and gas, and is available in several high pressure ranges, including 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 psi. Special design for Shale Gas applications.

This example represents a general solution; however, we offer a diverse range of gauges, transmitters and valves which are available with a variety of connection options and ranges to suit your needs. (Photo shows 40-400 Series Pressure Gauge (Local Indication), 621 Series Pressure Transmitter (Control Output), and 200 Series Multi-Port Valve (Block/Isolate & Bleed).

Noshok solution 2Another NOSHOK Assembly Solution is our Direct Connect Assembly. This assembly provides an installation that keeps the meter close to the orifice taps for accurate flow measurements. The Direct Connect Assembly reduces traditional remote mount installation costs by eliminating tube ends, tube fittings, stainless steel tubing, pipe stands and mounting brackets, and also decreases leak points by reducing NPT connections.

In addition, the NOSHOK Direct Connect Assembly minimizes or eliminates gauge line error. It can include 2-valve or 5-valve manifolds including the NOSHOK Flare Pattern 5-Valve Natural Gas Manifold, as well as Stabilized Connectors, Stabilized Connectors with Integral Valve, Non-Stabilized Connectors and Dielectric Kits.

A wide variety of adapter options are available including Δ Pressure to Δ Pressure Adaptor, Δ Pressure to Static Pressure Plate, Static Adaptors and Horizontal to Vertical Adaptors.

Please contact the NOSHOK Customer Support Department at 440.243.0888 to discuss your specific application, and we will provide you with a customized solution!

50 Years

FALL 2017
Volume 9, Issue 2








Don’t forget that our NEW re-engineered and expanded bimetal thermometer offering has cost reductions of up to 28% and significantly improved delivery times of 5-7 days!

Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometers & Testing and General Purpose Bimetal Thermometers

NOSHOK’s new 100 Series Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometers (NPT) and 150 Series Testing And General Purpose Bimetal Thermometers (Plain Stem) are heavy-duty, industrial thermometers with a weather resistant, tamper proof case. These thermometers feature a highly sensitive bimetallic helix coil which is heat-treated for stress relief, and silicone-coated to minimize pointer
vibration and maximize heat transfer and response time. Pocket sized models are available for inspectors, service and maintenance personnel for spot checking.

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Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometers with External Reset

NOSHOK’s new 300 Series Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometers With External Reset are the highest quality thermometers available on the market. They feature a sturdy, corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel case and bezel which provides a hermetic seal to prevent lens fogging and damage caused by moisture. 1/16” Allen key adjustment offers field calibration for maximum accuracy at a selected range. 3” and 5” 300 Series Bimetal Thermometers come with an 8 year warranty.

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Testing And General Purpose Bimetal Thermometers With External Reset

NOSHOK’s new 350 Series Testing And General Purpose Bimetal Thermometers With External Reset are designed for general purpose testing applications, and feature a weather-resistant, tamper-proof case. A pocket sized model is available for use by inspectors, service and maintenance personnel for spot checking. A friction adjustment nut design offers easy field calibration for maximum accuracy at a selected range. Adjustable pan clips are standard on 1-3/4”, 2” and 3” models with 5” and 8” stems.

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Vapor Remote Thermometers

NOSHOK’s versatile, heavy-duty Vapor-Actuated Remote Thermometers are ideal for remote panel installations on service trucks in the oil and gas industry. Because they are vapor actuated, these custom-made thermometers are not subject to error due to ambient temperature variations along the capillary tube, so they provide highly accurate readings above and below ambient conditions.

NOSHOK offers Vapor-Actuated Remote Thermometers in multiple sizes to fit virtually any panel, and ranges are available from -40° to 60° F/C through 50° to 400° F/C. They are available with a brass or stainless steel case, with bottom, back or lower back connections. Options include dry or liquid fill (optional fill fluids include glycerine, glycerine-H2OD and silicone), front or rear flange, bezel, and U-clamp.

These thermometers are also ideal for applications including power transformers, paper mills, refineries, petrochemical, chemical, HVAC/R, food processing and pharmaceutical.

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Meter Manifolds
Application Insight  


NOSHOK measurement solutions for industrial parts cleaning systemsNOSHOK partnered with Magnus Engineered Equipment, a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial parts cleaning equipment using specialized immersion cleaning technology, to provide Measurement Solutions for their cleaning systems.

Magnus standard and custom systems are produced for parts cleaning, degreasing, and metal treatment using both aqueous and safety solvent systems for parts ranging from small intricate precision items to very large heavy machine parts.

In July, Magnus delivered two machines equipped with NOSHOK instrumentation to a well-known company that manufactures the world’s most widely used family of mid-sized industrial gas turbines. Primary applications include electric power generation, oil and natural gas production, and natural gas transmission.

NOSHOK’s 1000 Series Differential Gauges and 500 Series All Stainless Steel Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges were used to measure the flow of the customer’s cleaning solution through the filtration system. A high-quality gauge that will withstand vibration and shock is critical to the efficient operation of the filtration system. Filtration increases the life of the cleaning bath saving cleaning chemicals and downtime. NOSHOK’s 100 Series Mini Valves, and 400 Series Stainless Steel Needle Valves were used to control the pressure on the Magnus pneumatic lift systems.

Magnus machines are built to last with many machines still in service after 30 years of continuous operation. The durability and performance of the NOSHOK product line is a perfect match for the machines designed and manufactured by Magnus Engineered Equipment.

Magnus Engineered Cleaning Equipment also uses the NOSHK 800 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Transmitter/Switch, and 615 Series High Accuracy Transmitters on their bearing cleaning systems.

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NOSHOK Is Hiring

NOSHOK, Inc. is looking to hire an English-Spanish bilingual candidate for our International Sales Trainee Program.

As we continue expanding internationally, we are looking to add a motivated team member who will help us continue providing a high degree of value-added services and products to our international customer base.

If you would like more information regarding this opportunity, please feel free to click the link below to download a pdf for a complete description of the position, and send a resume and cover letter to our International Accounts Manager, David Vargas, at

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We are hiring

Global Target Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to expanding our global market presence, NOSHOK has recently partnered with Cleveland State University’s Global Business Center. Funded by the Ohio Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Global Business Center hosts a SBDC Export Assistance Network. This network provides export assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (under 500 employees) in Northeast Ohio and helps to promote business growth through exporting and international trade.

One of the programs offered through CSU is the Global Target Program, which provides a low-cost, interactive method to extend a company’s international resources to achieve an objective of global expansion. By participating in the Global Target Program, manufacturing companies that are expanding into foreign markets will gain knowledge, tools, current perspectives on operating in global markets and best practices in order to execute their global strategies more efficiently, effectively and quickly.

David Vargas, NOSHOK’s International Accounts Manager, will be one of the management-level individuals participating in the program. He will have the opportunity to work with experienced mentors, CSU faculty, and subject matter experts from the public and private sectors.

Global Target Program

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The Importance of Maintaining Oil Temperature in Hydraulic Systems

Q: What are the differences in regulating stems and stem tips?

A: A regulating stem is typically a tapered stem for metering and flow control applications. Stem tips are often used for solid shut-off where high repetitions of opening and closing of the valve occur.

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