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COMING SOON: Comprehensive Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions Catalog

In order to streamline our product offering for easier one-source reference, we are combining our current Electronic Measurement Solutions Catalog and our Pressure Measurement Solutions Catalog.

This new comprehensive catalog will showcase our entire offering of Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions, including dial indicating, digital, differential and sanitary pressure gauges, as well as industrial, OEM, sanitary & hazardous location pressure transducers & transmitters, and mechanical and electronic pressure switches.

NOSHOK’s catalog offering parallels our website presentation, grouping instrumentation into categories of measurement: pressure & level, temperature and force, along with needle & manifold valves and diaphragm seals.

Look for this updated and expanded catalog in the coming months!

Volume 6, Issue 1








Industrial RTD with Connection Head - Fixed Probe or Spring Loaded

NOSHOK’s probe type Industrial RTDs with connection heads are available in 2, 3 or 4-wire circuit configurations and with a variety of head types. They can be ordered with a fixed probe or spring loaded, depending on the application.

NOSHOK 910/915 Series RTDs are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including industrial boilers, petrochemical, exhaust gas monitoring and food processing.

Features and options include:

  • Connection heads meet NEMA requirements for indoor or outdoor use providing protection against dust, rain, splashing and hose-directed water
  • When used in conjunction with a thermowell, probe can be replaced in some models without possibility for leakage
  • Process fitting 1/2” NPT standard, others available
  • RTD PT100 Ω standard, optional PT1000 Ω
  • Isolation to 500 Vdc

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RTD Transmitters

NOSHOK 920 Series RTD Transmitters are also available to convert a PT100 3-wire signal into 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 20 mA, 0 Vdc to 5 Vdc or 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc, based on the requested temperature span. They are also available in PT 1000 Ohms.

NOSHOK RTD transmitters are available in a computer programmable version or a version which is programmable via zero and span potentiometers.

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RTD Terminal Blocks

NOSHOK RTD Terminal Blocks are provided with a bakelite or ceramic base, brass terminal pieces, and stainless steel screws. These terminal blocks can be used in temperature sensor or low voltage Class 2 circuits. They are not rated for high voltage use.

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Application Insight  


In many fluid power applications, the medium that the instrument will contact may be at an elevated temperature beyond the operational limit of the measuring instrument. Selecting an instrument with a high temperature rating or using diaphragm seals to provide isolation from the medium may not be feasible from a design or economic standpoint.

One way to address this situation is to mount the instrument with a short length of tubing away from the hot area where the measurement needs to be made. With a dead ended pressure chamber, the tubing will effectively dissipate much of the heat and bring the medium in contact with the measuring instrument down to a lower temperature that is within its safe and accurate limit.

The following chart provides the basic information needed to determine the size and material of the tubing needed.


These curves are based upon the following assumptions:

  1. The pressure vessel is insulated to limit radiant heat transfer to the transducer – the major source of thermal input is via the connecting tube.
  2. The pressure medium has a coefficient of thermal conductivity less than 4btu / hr / ft2 / ft / °F. This figure encompasses a wide range of liquids and gases.

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NOSHOK Supports North Dakota College of Science

NOSHOK is proud to provide ongoing support in the education of students at the North Dakota State College of Science. For several years, NOSHOK has donated a variety of gauges in various ranges for hydraulic training in their General Diesel Technology Program, which is designed to prepare students for employment opportunities in the diesel industry.

As part of this curriculum, students learn the function and importance of reliable measurement instrumentation through testing, trial and error. North Dakota State College Diesel Technology graduates are employed by agricultural, industrial (truck and heavy equipment), construction equipment companies, mining industries or fleet owners. NOSHOK is proud to contribute to the education of our future industrial professionals.

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NOSHOK President Jeff Scott Celebrates 40 Years

In celebration and honor of NOSHOK’s President Jeff Scott’s 40th anniversary with the company and his 60th birthday, a surprise event was held at the NOSHOK Corporate Headquarters on March 1st. In light of the 40 year anniversary and 60 year birthday, the party’s theme was “A Century Of Excellence”.

NOSHOK employees, along with Jeff’s family and friends were quietly waiting, as Jeff was lured to the company on the weekend by a cleverly hatched plan from his wife, Lynne Scott. Needless to say, Jeff was not only surprised but overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for his service at NOSHOK and birthday celebration. Complete with ice sculpture, DJ, photo memoir presentation on the 88” TV, heartfelt speeches, crystal recognition award, and delicious catered southern barbecue (Jeff’s favorite), the event was an overwhelming success. Kudos also go to Danielle Cole, NOSHOK’s Vice President Christian Cole’s wife, who organized a team to plan the party flawlessly in a limited time frame.

Mr. Scott joined NOSHOK in 1974 and has been instrumentally involved in every area of the business since that time, holding a variety positions including operations management & product development, sales management, and general management. Following his appointment as President of NOSHOK in 1981, the company has achieved 39 years of record sales growth.

NOSHOK thanks Jeff Scott for his many years of outstanding leadership, and looks forward to many more!

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What is the reason for the vent tube in the cable of the series 612 and 627 submersible level transmitters?

All pressure measurements are inherently differential in theory. Gauge pressure is referenced to ambient atmospheric, absolute pressure is referenced to vacuum contained in an evacuated chamber within the transmitter. The level measurement is also a differential measurement, with its reference to ambient atmospheric pressure. In order for the submersible level measurement to be referenced to atmospheric, the cable contains a vent tube which runs the complete length of the cable and “vents” into the atmospheric pressure at the junction box connection which is out of the liquid.

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