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New & Improved Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions Catalog To Be Released

Due to recent high demand for our Pressure Measurement Solutions and Electronics Measurement Solutions catalogs, we are temporarily out of stock on this literature.

We are in the process of replacing these two catalogs with a single combined catalog which will streamline our pressure & level product offering and provide easier one-source reference.

This new comprehensive catalog will showcase our entire offering of Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions, including dial indicating, digital, differential and sanitary pressure gauges, as well as industrial, OEM, sanitary & hazardous location pressure transducers & transmitters, and mechanical and electronic pressure switches.

NOSHOK’s catalog offering parallels our website presentation, grouping instrumentation into categories of measurement: pressure & level, temperature and force, along with needle & manifold valves and diaphragm seals.

Until the new catalog becomes available, please refer to the online PDFs of our Pressure Measurement Solutions and Electronic Measurement Solutions catalogs for the most updated information.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this temporary literature stock outage. Watch for the updated and expanded catalog in the coming months.

Volume 6, Issue 2








Why Zinc-Nickel Plating?

In a certified test conducted by an independent lab, two valve samples were subjected to 1,000+ hours of exposure to a 5% salt spray (fog) environment in a test chamber operated and maintained in accordance with ASTM B-117-07a. The zinc-nickel plated sample showed no visible corrosion on the part after 1,000+ hours of exposure. Internal tests yielded the same results after being submerged for 3,500 hours in a 10% salt solution. The zinc-nickel plated valves far outperformed the electroless nickel and cobalt plated valves in terms of corrosion resistance.

Because of these impressive results, all carbon steel NOSHOK needle and manifold valves now utilize this material as standard plating to withstand and endure in the harshest environments.

In addition to its excellent corrosion resistance (higher than any other sacrificial alloy), zinc-nickel plating provides increased deposit hardness which results in extended wear resistance and longer service life. It is also WEEE and RoHS compliant.

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Zinc-Nickel Plated Manifold Valve

NOSHOK Manifold Valves Options & Accessories

Most of you are aware of NOSHOK’s extensive manifold valve product line, which includes 2-valve static pressure and liquid level, 3-valve differential pressure, and 5-valve natural gas manifold valves, but did you know that we carry a wide variety of manifold valve accessories as well?

  • NOSHOK Dielectric Kits provide a non-conductive barrier between the process piping and the instrument and isolate components from the effects of electrical current.

  • NOSHOK Futbols (flange adapters) bolt to the process side of a flange-flange manifold to allow connection of process flange taps or process root valves.

  • NOSHOK Manifold Mounting Kits are designed for direct or remote mounting to a two inch pipe stand, and can be used with any NOSHOK 2, 3 or 5-valve manifold by mounting a steel or stainless steel bracket directly to the manifold body.

  • NOSHOK’s Flare Pattern™ valve configuration is an available option on our 5030/5130 and 5530 Series 5-valve natural gas manifold valves. The equalization valves and vent valve on these manifolds are angled to provide maximum clearance for fingers during operation.

  • Used on gas pipelines, NOSHOK’s Differential Pressure To Static Plate is used to mount a differential pressure transmitter and a static pressure transmitter to a five valve flange-flange manifold.

  • NOSHOK Static Adapters are used to join threaded ports to a flange style connection, and are often used to join the NPT port of a static transmitter with a flange mounted connection on a differential pressure to static adapter plate.

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Application Insight  


The technology used in today’s pressure gauges has been around since the mid-eighteen hundreds, and the pressure gauge is still one of the most common methods of measuring pressure today. The majority of pressure gauges today still incorporate the Bourdon tube, socket, and geared movement; along with a pointer and dial to indicate process pressure. Since the pressure gauge is a purely mechanical device, attention to three process conditions is necessary. The three factors that can adversely affect accuracy and performance are temperature, vibration and pulsation.

  • Temperature Influence: For every 100 °F shift in temperature from which the gauge is calibrated, the user can experience up to a 2% additional error in reading. The cause is the change in the elasticity or spring rate of the Bourdon tube element with temperature. While it is difficult to circumvent the influence of ambient temperature, we can address the influence of process temperature. In steam service, the common practice is to install coil syphons or pigtail syphons to dissipate process heat. Another common practice is to install a diaphragm seal with capillary to separate the gauge from the high heat source. There are many options available with fill fluid in the seal and capillary system to withstand temperatures up to 600 °F. In severe cold ambient conditions, many users elect to heat trace their instrumentation via electric or steam trace. Process and ambient temperature is an important consideration when selecting and applying pressure gauges.

  • Vibration Influence: Vibration due to pumps, motors, and other rotating equipment can cause excess wear and possible premature failure of internal working parts of a pressure gauge, which include the Bourdon tube and the movement or gear mechanism. Vibration also causes difficulty in accurate reading of the gauge, due to pointer oscillation. One of the most common causes of pressure gauge failure is exposure to continuous vibration. The most widely accepted remedy is to utilize a liquid filled pressure gauge. The fill fluid of choice is either glycerine or silicone. Liquid filled gauges address not only pointer oscillation, but also serve to protect and lubricate the internal geared movement.

  • Pulsation Influence: Process pulsation can occur around the discharge of pumps as well as quick operating valves. Many users assume that liquid filling a pressure gauge will fully address pulsation. Although a liquid filled gauge helps to dampen the effects of pulsation, it often does not fully address this process condition. Pulsation dampeners are installed upstream of the gauge socket and they can be a piston-type snubber, a sintered metal snubber, or a threaded in-flow restrictor in the socket of the gauge. A needle valve installed upstream of the gauge that is “pinched down” or slightly opened, is another common practice to address pulsation. It is not recommended to rely solely on a needle valve to address pulsation, due to the fact that the user could inadvertently open the valve, and thereby negate flow restriction. In clean fluids (gases or clean low viscosity liquids) a threaded orifice/flow restrictor or a sintered metal snubber is the least costly way to address pulsation. In dirtier and higher viscosity fluids a piston snubber is usually installed.

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NOSHOK Receives Presidential Award For Exports

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker presented NOSHOK, Inc. with the President’s “E” Award for Exports at a ceremony held in Washington, D.C. on May 28th. The “E” Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

“We are extremely honored to receive the “E” Award,” said Jeff Scott, President of NOSHOK, Inc. “NOSHOK provides multi-lingual sales and customer support, as well as bilingual product catalogs and marketing materials. We are committed to continued mutual growth with our international partners.”

“NOSHOK has demonstrated a sustained commitment to export expansion. The ‘E’ Awards Committee was very impressed with NOSHOK’s dedication to developing customized products for its international customers. The company’s creativity in overcoming barriers to trade was also particularly impressive. NOSHOK’s achievements have undoubtedly contributed to national export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American jobs,” said Secretary Pritzker in her congratulatory letter to the company announcing its selection as an award recipient.

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Left to right:
Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce;
Jeff N. Scott, NOSHOK President;
Christian F.L. Cole, NOSHOK Vice President

Hi-Res Picture

NOSHOK Receives 2014 Global Business Leadership Award

NOSHOK was honored to receive the 2014 Global Business Leadership Award, presented by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service on behalf of the Northeast Ohio International Business Network (IBN) at an event hosted by the Rotary Club of Cleveland on May 15th.

NOSHOK has significantly expanded our global market presence in recent years to regions including Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Australia and Asia. NOSHOK supports our international partners with multi-lingual sales and customer support, as well as providing bilingual product catalogs and marketing materials.

The Global Business Leadership Award is given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding strategic marketing and business practices in developing its international business operations. The criteria considered for this award include: (1) the company’s international focus, (2) the company’s organization of its international marketing efforts, and (3) the company’s sales growth in international sales during the past few years.

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Global Business Leadership Award

Left to right:
Dean Joseph B. Mazzola,
Monte Ahuja College of Business,
Cleveland State University;
Karen D. Melton, President of Rotary Club
of Cleveland;
Christian F.L. Cole, Vice President,
Jeff N. Scott, President,
NOSHOK, Inc.; and
Melissa Blackledge, IBN.

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NOSHOK Shok Troops Conquer Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder VideoAt the May 17th Tough Mudder event in Mansfield Ohio, NOSHOK’s Tough Mudder team “Shok Troops” fearlessly tackled 10 Miles of Hell in extremely cold and muddy conditions. Check out this video that shows their toughness, teamwork and tenacity!

Tough Mudder

What is a Certificate of Conformance?

A Certificate of Conformance is a formal statement on company
letterhead stating that an instrument complies with a particular standard and/or specification. It contains the signatures of the required personnel. These Certificates are often needed to show industry inspectors that a system and its components are in compliance.

See more NOSHOK Tech Tips

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What Is This? Guess Right To Win!

VISA Gift CardGuess what application the NOSHOK gauge in the picture to the right is being used in, for a chance to win a $100 VISA Gift Card. Submit your guesses (1 guess only) to by July 16th, 2014 for a chance to win! The first person to guess correctly will win the VISA Gift Card.

Congratulations to Our latest $100 VISA Gift Card Winner!

Read his testimonial below...

Congratulations to Fluid Control Mexico, the winner of our VISA Gift Card drawing! Thank you to everyone who participated. Below is Arturo Perez, the Regional Sales Manager of Fluid Power Mexico in Ciudad del Carmen’s NOSHOK testimonial:

“We received a requisition for male x female needle valves rated at 10.000 psi with NACE compliance. The customer had specified another brand and some users were reluctant to change this. We proceeded to offer (NOSHOK) PN 404-MFS-NACE with special pricing and excellent delivery time but our proposal was rejected because they were only looking for (the other brand’s) valves. We then sent them two NOSHOK valves to test and try out, emphasizing in the quality of (the NOSHOK) product -- this coincided with the visit of Alex Utrera (NOSHOK Export Sales Manager – International) to our area so we were able to follow up in person and request feedback on the performance of the valves.

The end user was extremely happy with the NOSHOK valves and we were able to specify the valve and close the deal with an open contract for one year, supplying 20 to 40 valves per month.

We thank you for the support you have provided, because without your team we would have not been able to accomplish what we have accomplished with Schlumberger. Moreover, your support has helped throughout the entire Gulf of Mexico as we have been able to also replace local manufactured pressure gauges with NOSHOK.”

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