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Five New Products In Five Weeks!

You may have noticed multiple Distributor Insight e-mails from NOSHOK in the last several weeks announcing several new products we have added to our offering.

With five new product launches in five weeks, we are continuing to strategically expand our product lines, allowing us to provide our customers and distribution partners with a wealth of product options to meet all of your Measurement Solution needs.

If you missed any of our new product announcements, don’t worry, we are featuring all of the newest additions to our product lines in this newsletter.

If you have any questions or need additional information on any of these new products please contact our Customer Support team at 440.243.0888, visit our website at, or e-mail

Make sure to keep your eyes on your email because there are more exciting announcements to come!

FALL 2014
Volume 6, Issue 3








NEW: Low Pressure Transmitters for Vapor Recovery

Additional low pressure ranges are now available on our 625/626 Series Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters – ideal for vapor recovery control, salt water disposal control systems, tank vent monitoring systems and liquid level monitoring in shallow tanks.

These NOSHOK transmitters are Factory Mutual & CSA complaint for Class I, II and III Div. 1, Class II and III Div. 2, and Class 1 Zone 0. These transmitters provide an accuracy to ±0.125% Full Scale (BFSL), and offer low pressure ranges including: 4 oz/in2 to 12 oz/in2, 0 oz/in2 to 12 oz/in2, 0 oz/in2 to 16 oz/in2, 0 inH20 to 50 inH20, and 0 inH20,to 100 inH20.

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NEW: Intrinsically Safe Hammer Union Transmitters

Constructed with a heavy-duty Inconel X-750 diaphragm and connection, the new NOSHOK 628 Series Intrinsically Safe Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter offers ranges from 5,000 psig through 20,000 psig and has a 4 mA to 20 mA, 2-wire output signal. Each sensor comes with a Certificate of Calibration.

This transmitter is CSA compliant for hazardous location equipment, NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 compliant, and is ideal for applications including acidizing, choke & kill manifold, fracturing & cementing, mud logging & mud pumps, oil field & offshore and well head measurement

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NEW: Compact OEM Temperature Transmitters

NOSHOK’S new 810 Series Compact OEM Temperature Transmitter is a compact size transmitter at an economical price, with standard temperature ranges from -25 °F to 125 °F through 0 °F to 250 °F. This transmitter features a proven 100 Ω platinum resistance sensor which provides reliability, stability and unbeatable performance, and a 316 stainless steel housing. A 4 mA to 20 mA transmitter is included.

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NEW: Stabilized & Non-Stabilized Connectors

These NOSHOK connectors are designed to reinforce the entire installation by shifting radial-stress load away from the NPT connections, and are available in 3-3/8” and 5” lengths. They are available in zinc-nickel plated carbon steel and 316 stainless steel, and feature slotted bolt holes that allow for 2-1/8” and 2-1/4” bolt spacings. A new single piece dielectric gasket (DK1) is now available also.

High Res image - Non-Stabilized Connector
High Res image - Stabilized Connector
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NEW: Dual Display Indicator

This new NOSHOK digital indicator accepts a wide variety of input signals including thermocouples or RTDs, current, voltage, resistance and process signals, and features a dual display with tri-color and variable intensity digits. This indicator has a universal power input accepting either AC or DC voltage and 24 Vdc sensor excitation, a meter update rate of up to 160/second, and a built-in USB port for configuring with a computer. Plug-in option cards are available for field upgrading, and interface software is available on request.

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Application Insight  


As EPA regulations to reduce the emissions produced by the disposal of saltwater and other caustic by-products of oil and gas production become more stringent, reliable low pressure measurement has become even more critical.

Vapor Recovery Units are designed to comply with these EPA standards, provide the producer with additional profits that may be lost due to stock tank vapor emissions, and eliminate stock tank vapor emission into the atmosphere. Recovered vapors have a significantly higher BTU content than natural gas from the pipeline, therefore recovered vapors can be more valuable than methane alone.

Vapory Recovery Units, along with salt water disposal systems and storage tanks, require precise pressure measurement to ensure optimal control and monitoring, and maximize recovered emissions and profit to the producer.

NOSHOK 625/626 Series Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters offer low pressure ranges that are ideal for vapor recovery control, salt water disposal control systems, tank vent monitoring systems and liquid level monitoring in shallow tanks.

NOSHOK 625/626 Series Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters are Factory Mutual & CSA complaint for Class I, II and III Div. 1, Class II and III Div. 2, and Class 1 Zone 0. These transmitters provide an accuracy to ±0.125% Full Scale (BFSL), and offer low pressure ranges including:

  • -4 oz/in2 to 12 oz/in2
  • 0 oz/in2 to 12 oz/in2
  • 0 oz/in2 to 16 oz/in2
  • 0 inH20, to 50 inH20
  • 0 inH20, to 100 inH20

Standard ranges are from vacuum to 15,000 psi, and absolute ranges are also available.

NOSHOK 625/626 Series transmitters are available with a standard threaded connection as well as a flush diaphragm configuration, and are constructed with welded 316 stainless steel with no internal o-rings, gaskets or seals. NOSHOK 625/626 Series transmitters are entity approved for use with all approved Zener barriers where required.

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Major Upgrade In The Works For 2015

As part of our ongoing commitment to continually improve customer satisfaction, NOSHOK is embarking upon an exciting ERP upgrade with the implementation of Epicor 10, scheduled to launch in fourth quarter 2015.

Epicor 10 is Epicor’s flagship Enterprise Resource Planning application for middle market companies. This software provides numerous strategic solutions to enhance our customer partnerships, drive growth, and increase collaboration. Epicor 10 will also enhance efficiency and accuracy, enabling us to provide even higher levels of service and performance for all of our stakeholders.

We will be working hard to ensure that our focus is on a streamlined and seamless transition. NOSHOK will continue to provide the highest standards of service, support and value throughout this process.

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New CNC Machine

NOSHOK is excited to announce that we have added a new Leadwell V20iT 5 axis, 40 tool CNC machining center to our expanding equipment inventory.

The V20it machining center is purpose-built to facilitate multi-surface machining in one chuck to reduce set up and fixture making, thus avoiding accumulative error from series machining procedures, while maintaining speed, accuracy and efficiency.

The Leadwell will also provide increased configuration flexibility, while eliminating wasted down time in the manufacturing process. This new machine greatly increases our capabilities and capacity, enhancing our ability to provide the highest level of value.

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NOSHOK Honors Those Lost on 9/11

NOSHOK’s veterans raised a special American flag this year on 9/11, in memory and honor of those lost in the 9/11 tragedy, the courage of the first responders, and the bravery of the men and women of our United States military who fight for America’s freedom each and every day.

Before it was presented to NOSHOK by Major Jeremy Dobos, this American flag was flown on September 11, 2012 at the 109th Military Intelligence Battalion Headquarters at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. Major Dobos, a former NOSHOK employee, is an 18 year United States Army veteran and has served as a military intelligence officer with tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq and is the recipient of three bronze stars.

From left to right, NOSHOK’s veterans are Robert Manjura, Sergeant, United States Air Force 1985-1989 and Ohio Air National Guard 1989-1990; Robert Samay, Senior Airman, United States Air Force 1988-1992, Desert Storm veteran; and Jason Reust, Sergeant, United States Marine Corps 1992-1998.

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How does temperature affect the accuracy of a pressure gauge?

Temperature changes affect the stiffness of a Bourdon tube. The stiffness change is produced by a combination of changes in the elastic (Young’s) modulus and a change in linear dimensions due to linear expansion and contraction. The error caused by temperature change will follow the approximate formula:
± 0.04 x (t2 – t) % of the span.

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Customer Feedback -
NOSHOK Measurement Solutions for Navy Vessels

The Navy is refurbishing a fleet of LCU’s (Landing Craft Utility Vessel) - the same LCU’s that were used to storm the beaches of Normandy. NOSHOK’s 800 series temperature transmitter is being used to monitor engine temperature on these vessels. There are five engines per vessel and they are reworking 32 vessels total. The photo below is of LCU 1643, the first one being completed.

“The transducers will help the Navy monitor their system with better accuracy, as they currently have the old style temp switch which only sends a signal to the board when they are in an overheat condition which is too late. With the new set up we can let them know before they get too hot. The temperature transducers will also help them with troubleshooting why a system is getting too hot since they can watch systems update the temp as they run different functions and horsepower ranges on the vessels. The temperature transducers will be on the main engines, Bow Ramp system, Skagit winch control system, which also controls the A frame set up for the Render or anchoring system they use with these style boats as well as the generators engines on board.

This is a big win for AFP Industries since it will be spec’d in on all these boats and it will be business that will pay dividends for years to come. Thanks for your help on these and I will be on the lookout for more applications for NOSHOK products.”

Roy Creely
AFP Industries

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