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New Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions Catalog

The new NOSHOK Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions catalog is now available!

This comprehensive catalog replaces and combines our Pressure Measurement Solutions and Electronics Measurement Solutions catalogs, streamlining our pressure & level product offering and providing an easier one-source reference.

The NOSHOK Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions catalog showcases our entire offering of analog and electronic pressure & level measurement products, including dial indicating, digital, differential and sanitary pressure gauges, as well as industrial, OEM, sanitary & hazardous location pressure transducers & transmitters, and mechanical and electronic pressure switches.

NOSHOK’s catalog offering parallels our website presentation, grouping instrumentation into categories of measurement: pressure & level, temperature and force, along with needle & manifold valves and diaphragm seals. This catalog is now available for pdf download, or for hard copy order.

New Products in Oil & Gas Brochure

Our Measurement Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry brochure has been updated to include new products including a low pressure transmitter for vapor recovery applications, hammer union transmitter, stabilized & non-stabilized connectors, and explosion-proof industrial RTDs.

This brochure showcases our broad offering of pressure, level, temperature & force measurement instrumentation, along with needle and manifold valves for the oil & gas industry. These products are ideal for a variety of applications including well servicing, upstream, midstream, downstream and offshore. This brochure is available for pdf download, or for hard copy order.

Volume 7, Issue 1








NEW: Δ Pressure to Δ Pressure Adaptor

The NOSHOK differential pressure to differential pressure adaptor allows two differential pressure transmitters to be mounted on a single set of orifice taps.

This configuration is ideal for applications such as bidirectional flow, and custody transfer where only a single set of orifice taps is available. With a 3/8” bore and 23” length this adaptor is designed to accommodate most flow computers.

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NEW: Single Piece Dielectric Kit

NOSHOK dielectric kits are designed to maintain the integrity and reliability of the pipeline and piping system through safety and corrosion protection. Dielectric kits provide a non-conductive barrier between the process piping and the instrument and isolate components from the effects of electrical current. By eliminating metal-to-metal contact, current is halted to prevent corrosion and aid in the cathodic protection of the system.

This NOSHOK Dielectric Kit (DK-1) features a single piece design combining a Delrin® sealing gasket and Delrin® dielectric shim. Bolts, washers and dielectric bushings are included, and seal rings or o-rings are not required. This kit has a maximum operating temperature of 150 °F, and its dielectric strength exceeds 1/32 air arc gap approximately 2,500 Vdc.

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Explosion-Proof RTDs

NOSHOK’s probe type industrial RTD with Connection Head are available in 2, 3 or 4-wire circuit configurations and with a variety of head types. Factory Mutual and Canadian Standards approved explosion-proof models are also available.

These RTDs can be ordered with a fixed probe or spring loaded, depending on the application, and are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including industrial boilers, petrochemical, exhaust gas monitoring and food processing.

When used in conjunction with a thermowell, the probe can be replaced in some models without possibility for leakage. Standard configuration is 1/2” NPT process fitting with RTD PT100 Ω (others available).

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NOSHOK Gauge Receives ECE-R110 Certification for CNG/LNG

NOSHOK 400 Series all stainless steel pressure gauges part number 25-410-300-psi/bar have received ECE-R110 Certification for use in compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas applications such as natural gas and hydrogen-operated automobiles and fueling stations.


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Application Insight  


Hammer Union Transmitters are used in a wide variety of harsh and viscous oil & gas exploration and drilling applications both onshore and offshore. A Hammer Union is a pipe connection designed to be loosened or tightened by hammer blows on protrusions known as hammer wings. A Hammer Union is usually used on high pressure lines where quick disconnections are necessary.

Due to the demands placed on these sensors, shock and vibration resistance are key in their design. Hammer Union Transmitters are ruggedly constructed for use with highly abrasive and corrosive media, and are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments such as acidizing, blowout preventers, choke & kill manifold, fracturing & cementing, new well development and extraction, oil and gas drilling, service and cement trucks, standpipe, stimulation, mud logging and mud pumps, oil field & offshore, and well head pressure measurement.

Hammer Union Transmitters monitor circulating systems to measure mud and media flow during the extraction processes. They can reduce downtime and lower service costs by providing accurate, reliable data to detect slight changes in pressure, so that media flow pressure can be quickly adjusted during drilling operations. Drilling operators can then maximize oil withdrawal rates and monitor potentially hazardous conditions such as gas bubbles to increase safety and efficiency. They are easily replaced on location, which provides convenience and fast response time.

Constructed with a heavy-duty Inconel X-750 diaphragm and connection, NOSHOK’s Intrinsically Safe Hammer Union Transmitter features a 2” 1502 wing union, offers ranges from 5,000 psig through 20,000 psig and has a 4 mA to 20 mA, 2-wire output signal.

Each NOSHOK sensor comes with a Certificate of Calibration. This NOSHOK transmitter is CSA compliant for hazardous location equipment and also NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 compliant.

Pending certifications include FM, ATEX and CE. For more information on this product, click here.


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Epicor 10 Launch On Track

NOSHOK is well into the process of an exciting ERP upgrade with the implementation of Epicor 10, on schedule for launch in fourth quarter 2015.

Epicor 10 is Epicor’s flagship Enterprise Resource Planning application, and will provide multiple strategic solutions to further strengthen our customer partnerships, drive growth, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and allow us to provide even higher levels of service and performance to all of our stakeholders.

Our focus continues to be on a streamlined and seamless transition, along with providing the highest standards of service, support and value throughout this process.

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NOSHOK Expansion In Canada

Canada’s oil and gas industry touches every province and territory across the country. To better serve this region, NOSHOK has increased our focus on expansion into Canada and the oil & gas market in particular.

NOSHOK has two dedicated regional sales managers, Gerry Hafichuk in the western Canadian region and Mark Duckworth serving the eastern provinces, who bring over 60 years of collective experience in product training and management to this region.

All of our Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) are in place and up to date for all Canadian Provinces. An interactive map is on our web site for easy access to our numbers.

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NOSHOK Equipment Upgrades

NOSHOK continues to invest in new and enhanced equipment to improve efficiency and provide the best value and service to our customers. We recently added two 40 watt lasers in our valve production department which havegreatly increased capacity.

We also have implemented new production benches which have significantly increased productivity.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our number one priority!


How do you quickly and easily adjust a NOSHOK transducer/transmitter? (Watch video)

See more NOSHOK Tech Tips

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