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New Spanish Catalogs Coming Soon

To better serve our Spanish speaking distributors and customers and accommodate our rapidly growing presence in the international market, Spanish versions of our Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions and Valve Product Solutions catalogs, along with an updated Spanish version of our Measurement Solutions Product Guide will be available in the next several months.

The NOSHOK Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions catalog showcases our entire offering of analog and electronic pressure & level measurement products, including dial indicating, digital, differential and sanitary pressure gauges, as well as industrial, OEM, sanitary & hazardous location pressure transducers & transmitters, and mechanical and electronic pressure switches.

The NOSHOK Valve Product Solutions catalog presents our comprehensive offering of standard bore and large bore needle & manifold valves, including block and bleed valves in hard or soft seat/tip designs with ratings up to 10,000 psi. Our innovative valve design is patented for exceptional performance and increased pressure capabilities, and we are among the first in the industry to offer zinc-nickel plating as standard on our carbon steel valves.

NOSHOK Measurement Solutions Product Guide is a comprehensive catalog that showcases our entire product offering; including pressure & level, temperature, and force measurement instrumentation, along with needle and manifold valves. Options and accessories are also included.

Download PDFs of the English versions of these catalogs here, or order catalogs online here.

Volume 7, Issue 2








NEW: Stabilized & Non-Stabilized Connectors

NOSHOK Stabilized & Non-Stabilized Connectors are designed to reinforce the entire installation by shifting radial-stress load away from the NPT connections, and are available in 3-3/8” and 5” lengths. They are available in zinc-nickel plated carbon steel and 316 stainless steel, and feature slotted bolt holes that allow for 2-1/8” and 2-1/4” bolt spacings. A new single piece dielectric gasket (DK1) is also available.

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Digital Temperature Indicators

NOSHOK 820/821 Series temperature indicators are an ideal replacement for bimetal, liquid bulb and glass thermometers in applications including pharmaceutical, food preparation, utility and municipal, refinery, paper mill and hydraulic, and chemical and petrochemical plants.

These NOSHOK Indicators utilize a PT100 Ω RTD Class A element for temperature sensing, and are available with a M12 x 1 (5-pin) plug or 36” integral cable electrical connection. Features include all 316 stainless steel construction, a large 4-digit LED display, 4 mA to 20 mA programmable linearized output signal, IP 65 / NEMA 4 rated environmental protection, and a self-calibration feature for accurate and stable performance. These indicators are field re-programmable, and a fully programmable switch output; relay or transistor, is optional. Installation is easy, and allows a variety of mounting configurations. Backed by a 3-year warranty.

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Pressure Solution System

Simplify your system with this easy-to-install solution from NOSHOK. Three simple components that require a single threaded connection in your piping system will provide local indication, control output and block/isolate with bleed function.

This product assembly is an ideal solution for a variety of applications including oil and gas, and is available in several high pressure ranges, including 1,500 psi and 15,000 psi. This example represents a general solution; however we offer a diverse range of gauges, transmitters and valves which are available with a variety of connection options and ranges to suit your needs. Contact Customer Support for more information.

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Meter Manifolds

The 2180 Series Meter Manifolds are designed for use on flow recorders in metering systems. They can be configured in 2-valve, 3-valve and 5-valve designs, depending on the application requirements. Their soft seat design provides a 6,000 psi pressure rating 200 °F.

These manifolds feature a replaceable Delrin® seat and straight through porting for bidirectional, high capacity flow and easy roddable cleaning. A blow-out proof stem provides a secondary stem seal in the full open position. An FKM o-ring seal and PTFE back-up ring below the stem threads protect from corrosion and galling. PTFE packing is optional. They are backed by a 3-year warranty

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Application Insight  


If you’re an energy producer in the United States, you are probably already familiar with the EPA’s Quad O regulations. These regulations were designed to establish emission standards for the control of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and sulfur dioxide (S02) emissions specific to onshore oil and natural gas facilities constructed, modified or reconstructed after August 23, 2011. Quad O states that all storage tanks must have a control device (either an enclosed combustor or a vapor recovery device) by April 15, 2015.

Affected facilities include hydraulically fractured gas well completions, storage vessels, continuous bleed pneumatic controllers, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, equipment leak detection and repair, and S02 sweetening units.

Crude oil storage tanks hold oil for a period of time to stabilize flow between production wells and pipeline or trucking transportation sites. During storage, part of the crude oil vaporizes or “flashes” and collects in the space between the liquid and the top of the tank. As the temperature of the crude oil increases, the amount of vaporization increases along with the pressure in the tank. As the vapor cools, it condenses and pressure inside the tank decreases.

Vapor Recovery Units are automated systems which automatically start, stop and bypass as pressure is increased in the tanks, and capture up to 95% of vapors to prevent them from escaping and posing health and environmental risks.

Here’s another significant benefit that VRUs provide to producers: recovered vapors consist of light hydrocarbons containing propane, butane and gasoline, which contribute to the gravity of crude oil. When they are vented to the atmosphere a reduction of gravity in the oil occurs, decreasing its value. Because recovered vapors have a much higher BTU content than pipeline quality natural gas, they can result in substantially increased profits for the producer.

To ensure optimal control and monitoring of vapors, a VRU must have reliable instrumentation in place that is capable of accurately measuring low pressure. The NOSHOK 625/626 Series Intrinsically Safe Transmitter is ideal for this application, with low pressure ranges including -4 oz/in2 to 12 oz/in2, 0 oz/in2 to 12 oz/in2, 0 oz/in2 to 16 oz/in2, 0 inH2O, to 50 inH2O and 0 inH2O, to 100 inH2O (as well as standard ranges from vacuum to 15,000 psi with absolute ranges available).

This transmitter provides the high level of accuracy required for this application, ±0.125% Full Scale (BFSL), and is Factory Mutual & CSA compliant for Class I, II and III Div. 1, Class II and III Div. 2, & Class 1 Zone 0. The NOSHOK 625/626 Transmitter features welded 316 stainless steel construction with no internal o-rings, gaskets or seals, and is entity approved for use with all approved Zener barriers where required.


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NOSHOK Soccer Team Helps Raise Funds For Cleveland Youth

NOSHOK was proud to participate in the recent America SCORES Cleveland Cup charity soccer tournament, an event that raised over $19,000 towards providing Cleveland youth with quality after-school programming teaching soccer, creative writing, and service-learning.

Fifteen teams competed at the Soccer Sportsplex for this charity tournament, with NOSHOK taking the win in the Open Division. The NOSHOK team again went undefeated and improved our record to 123-18-3 since 2008.

America SCORES Cleveland has an innovative tri-curricular approach that teaches kids how physical activity, creative expression and teamwork nurtures a strong body, mind and character. Through daily, team-based soccer and writing workshops and annual community service projects, SCORES measurably improves fitness, literacy and communications skills, and empowers kids to create change in their communities. NOSHOK is proud to help support this worthy cause!

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Steady Progress on Epicor 10 Launch

NOSHOK continues to make steady progress toward our exciting ERP upgrade to Epicor 10, on schedule for launch in fourth quarter 2015. Our focus continues to be on a streamlined and seamless transition, along with providing the highest standards of service, support and value to our distributor and customer partners throughout this process.

Epicor 10 is Epicor’s flagship Enterprise Resource Planning application, and will provide multiple strategic solutions to further strengthen our customer partnerships, drive growth, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and allow us to provide even higher levels of service and performance to all of our stakeholders.

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Are pigtail steam syphons used in transmitter applications?

The steam syphon is necessary in steam pressure applications. It is important to isolate the transmitter sensing diaphragm from the high temperature encountered with steam pressure applications.

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Customer Testimonial: NOSHOK Level Measurement Solution in an Enclosed Tank

“The application was level measurement in an enclosed tank via head pressure. Our factory uses chemical products to produce artificial flavors for the food and beverage industries. The non-pressurized tanks receive water and chemicals which are passed from one tank to another via homogenizing processes.

We tried several ways of measuring level in the tanks and none worked correctly. NOSHOK offered a solution measuring level via pressure and decided to test it with a NOSHOK flush diaphragm type pressure transducer and a NOSHOK Smart System Digital Indicator. NOSHOK took the total height of the tank to figure out the max pressure when the tank was completely full and then they recommended the correct pressure range for the transducer. Since the range was not exact, NOSHOK also decided to increase the accuracy of the transducer.

Then NOSHOK configured the Smart System to take the input signal from the transducer and programmed it to read constant level of the process media inside the tank. Since the tank was not completely straight (it tapers down at the bottom), NOSHOK utilized various functions in the Smart System to fine tune the correct measurement output at different levels within the tank.

As a result, we are now reading constant true level in our tank. We have a total of 18 tanks in that factory and will be using the same NOSHOK solution for all of them.”

Guillermo Riquelme A.
Gerente Comercial, Imfluid

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