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NOSHOK Inc. Press Release


Berea, Ohio  (June 17, 2016) NOSHOK is pleased to announce the availability of several new valve products and accessories including the 2530 & 5530 Series 90° Angle 2- and 5-Valve Manifolds, as well as a 9” ΔP to ΔP Adaptor and a Vertical to Horizontal Adaptor Kit.

The new NOSHOK 2530 Series 90° Angle Double Flange Large Bore (0.375” orifice) Natural Gas Manifold incorporates two isolation valves, providing additional isolation for applications that require redundancy. These NOSHOK large bore manifold valves feature a standard non-rotating stem tip and a soft seat design rated to 6,000 psi, as well as a replaceable Delrin® seat and straight through porting for easy roddable cleaning of the isolation valves.

The new NOSHOK 5-Valve 90° Angle Double Flange Large Bore (0.375” orifice) Natural Gas Manifold is an addition to our existing 5530 Series manifold offering. These manifolds are designed for use with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves, two equalizing valves and a vent valve in natural gas applications. These valves are also rated to 6,000 psi.

NOSHOK has also added new valve accessories, including a 9” length, 3/8” bore Δ Pressure to Δ Pressure Adaptor to accommodate various application configurations and space restrictions, and a Vertical to Horizontal Adaptor Kit which converts vertically mounted Stabilized Connectors to a horizontal position for mounting additional valves and instrumentation.

For more information on this product or other NOSHOK measurement solutions, contact NOSHOK Customer Support at 440.243.0888, visit our website at www.noshok.com, or e-mail info@noshok.com.

NOSHOK, Inc. is a leading supplier of pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instrumentation, along with needle & manifold valves, serving major industries around the world. Products include pressure gauges, pressure and temperature transmitters, transducers & indicators, pressure switches, needle valves, manifold valves, pressure snubbers, bimetal thermometers, force measurement sensors and diaphragm seals. These products meet and exceed the application requirements of OEM’s and industrial users seeking exceptional quality, reliability and value.
For more information on NOSHOK products, please visit our website at http://www.noshok.com
Contact: Sheryl Pritt, Mktg. Manager, 1010 West Bagley Rd., Berea, Ohio 44017, 440.243.0888 x4541,spritt@noshok.com