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Material Temperature Table

Material Pressure Limit Temperature Limit
O-Ring Temperature Limits
NBR -40 °F to 250 °F
PTFE -40 °F to 400 °F
FKM -10 °F to 400 °F
Diaphragm Pressure and Temperature Limits
PTFE 2,000 psi -40 °F to 400 °F
FKM 2,000 psi -10 °F to 400 °F
Metallic diaphragms determined by pressure range of seal type, restricted to temperature range of fill fluid.
Bottom Housing Material Maximum Pressure & Temperature Limits
TG, TC 200 psi 150 °F
PVDF 200 psi 180 °F
PVC 200 psi 74 °F
PVC 125 psi 125 °F
PVC 80 psi 150 °F
PP 200 psi 140 °F
Metallic lower housings determined by pressure range of seal type, restricted to temperature range of fill fluid.

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