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Solutions For Marine Vessel System Management

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KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company provides rugged instrumentation for tank level, draft monitoring and vessel management. These time-tested products are ideal for level monitoring of ballast water, fuel oil, fresh water, lube oil, brine, preload and holding.

KING-GAGE systems & controllers provide real-time measurement of level in service or ballast tanks and vessel draft, and indicate tank levels for ballast water, fuel oil, potable water and/or draft measurement. Tank level purge control transmitters provide an advanced hybrid design of proven hydrostatic (or bubbler) technology, and the LevelBAR Column Indicator delivers a bright multi-segment LED column to graphically display tank level or monitor vessel draft. Check out these products and more below!

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KING-GAGE Marine Products Brochure
  • Tank level, draft monitoring and vessel management
  • Ballast water
  • Fuel oil
  • Fresh water
  • Lube oil
  • Brine
  • Preload
  • Holding
Level Transmitters
  • KING-GAGE Level Transmitters are available in electronic, electromechanical and mechanical models, and include slimline, sanitary, differential pressure transmitters, purge controls, and differential pressure sensor controls.
Process Indicators
  • KING-GAGE Process Indicators provide continuous real-time measurement of level in service or ballast tanks and vessel draft. Electronic options include single and multiple tank indicators and electronic column indicators, and mechanical options include column indicators and bubbler gauges.
Compressed Air Filters
  • KING-GAGE Compressed Air Filters installed just upstream of the end-use is an extremely efficient means of ensuring clean, dry air in your system. These end-use filters can provide clean air to meet individual process requirements. KING-GAGE compressed air filters include air control stations, bronze marine filters and bronze air control stations, and 60, 80, and 100 scfm filters.
  • Process Indicator Accessories - Multi-Point Process Switch
    This switch can monitor process variables within any industrial control environment. In a level application, the switch can be used to actuate pumps or outlet valves.
  • Downpipe Check Valve
    The KING-GAGE Downpipe Backflow Check Valve is an engineered component to guard against liquid traveling up through the downpipe and into the system pressure line(s). A specially designed float pin rises up to seal the valve shut when liquid enters from the downpipe through the bottom of the unit. Use for downpipe purge systems employing KING-GAGE Purge Control or LiquiSeal Purge Control level transmitters.
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