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New Model Number Scheme

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Introduction of NOSHOK’s New Model Number Scheme

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What is the new part number construction?

  • Long standing NOSHOK partners have become accustomed to the way that NOSHOK part numbers are constructed
  • We have tried to maintain consistency in our part number construction
  • However, we recognize some inconsistencies and difficulties in our current model number scheme
  • Therefore, we are introducing some slight changes to the way we build and construct part numbers to
    • Improve product differentiation between different NOSHOK products
    • improve model number function in computer automation environments
    • maintain consistency with our legacy model number scheme so that existing customers can still easily build part numbers from their experience with NOSHOK products

NOSHOK’s new model number construction will look very similar to existing model numbers with some slight changes that we believe improve the model number function and will be easily understood by our customers.

An example of a new model number:

  • The following model number is one example of NOSHOK’s new model number construction followed by an equivalent legacy model
    • PT20-3000psig-1-1-2-7
    • 300-3000-1-1-2-7
    • Both of the model numbers describe a similar general purpose fixed range pressure transmitter with a pressure range of 3000 psi and 4 – 20 ma output

NOSHOK's new model number standard is our commitment to continuous improvement throughout our enterprise and product lines.

Why are we doing this?

■ To improve product differentiation between different NOSHOK products.

  • Over time, NOSHOK’s product portfolio has grown to include pressure and temperature gauges, switches, and transmitters
  • As a result, some of our product line’s part numbers overlap; take for example the following 3 model numbers:
    • 25-300-3000-psi → pressure gauge
    • 300H-3-2-500/3500-4 → pressure switch
    • 300-3000-1-1-2-8 → pressure transmitter
  • NOSHOK’s customers know all of the above products as 300 series products; 300 series pressure gauge, 300 series pressure switch, and 300 series pressure transmitter
  • Our new part number scheme was conceived to help alleviate this problem
  • For select new and existing NOSHOK products, the first part of the model number will be changed to a new model series
  • For instance, a 300 series pressure transmitter will be modified to a PT20 series pressure transmitter
  • We are including alpha characters in the model “preamble” to afford us a bigger pool of possible unique model series without making this portion of the model number excessively long
  • Furthermore, we will be attempting to construct model series preambles that have reference to the nature of the product
    • In the above example, PT indicates Pressure Transmitter

Improve model number function in automated systems 

  • Automation is an ever-growing reality of the modern business and our model numbers need to function well within these domains
  • Some features of our existing model number construction are specifically unfriendly to automated systems
  • Take for example the pressure switch part number below:
    • 300H-3-2-500/3500-4 | pressure switch
    • The pressure range in this model number is indicated by 500/3500 and the “/” that separates the two pressure values is a typical scheme in many NOSHOK model numbers
    • Slashes, along with other special characters like periods, can cause significant problems when used in software systems
  • The new model number construction has been conceived to specifically avoid the use of special characters
  • In addition to this change, we are also refactoring pressure range definitions that include mixed pressure range units of measure
    • One typical example would be the following model number:
      • 25-300-30/300-psi
    • In this model number the pressure range is indicated as 30/300 which means -30 inHg to +300 psi; note that the -30 inHg measurement is implied in the model number and not explicitly stated
    • NOSHOK’s new model number scheme addresses this situation as well

■ Maintain some consistency with our legacy model number construction

  • During our work, we quickly understood that a change to a completely different model number construction would frustrate our customers and possibly impact sales negatively
  • Therefore, the new part number construction is very similar to the legacy model number
    • The new model number will made of a series of model code segments separated by hyphens and be built in the typical order of features that customers are used to
  • We believe by maintaining some similarity to the existing structure, customers will easily transition with us and incorporate the new model number features easily

Where to see it in action?

In second quarter 2023 NOSHOK will be introducing a new product series.

  • The PTI Intelligent Pressure Transmitter series of industrial transmitters
    • PTI30-145psig-1-43-69-28
    • High Accuracy Intelligent Pressure Transmitter, Min. span 14.5 psi, max. span 145 psi (lowest vacuum pressure -15 psig), ±0.1% of adjusted span with 10:1 turn down, 4 mA to 20 mA, 2-wire with HART®, 1/2 NPT female process connection, 1/2 NPT electrical connection

Stay tuned for additional new product launches later this year that will be built with the new model number construction.

What does it apply to?

Initially, NOSHOK will be using the new model number construction for new products.

  • While the new model scheme was engineered to work with all products in our portfolio, we are not modifying existing product model numbers at this time
  • After we have some experience with the new model scheme and new products, we will evaluate on product by product basis if and when an existing product should be renumbered

How to get help?

Reach out to internal customer service or your regional sales manager with questions and comments.


Pressure Range Construction and Definition in NOSHOK’s New Model Number Scheme


  • Pressure ranges are always specified in psi unless specifically noted or indicated by special quotation
  • Pressure range is specified in a convenient whole number regardless of the actual calibration range values
    • This manifests directly in the PTI series pressure transmitters where the actual calibrated range results in a scalable pressure range with decimal values
      • PTI30-5psig-1-1-8-25
      • High Accuracy Intelligent Pressure Transmitter, Min. span 1.45 psi, max. span 5.8 psi (lowest vacuum pressure -5.8 psig), ±0.1% of adjusted span with 10:1 turn down, 4 mA to 20 mA, 2-wire, 1/2 NPT male process connection, M12 x 1 4 pin electrical connection
  • Pressure range will always include the pressure reference as follows:
    • g – gauge reference
    • 3000 psig – 0 to 3000 psi gauge
    • a – absolute reference
    • 15psia - 0 to 15 psi absolute
    • v – vacuum reference
    • 15psiv - -15 to 0 psi gauge
    • c – compound reference (gauge reference device that can measure positive and negative gauge pressures to full vacuum)
    • 100 psic - -15 to 100 psi gauge
    • ##v##g – custom compound reference (gauge reference device that can measure positive and negative gauge pressures to the specified vacuum pressure and positive gauge pressure)
    • 5v15psig – 5psi vacuum to 15 psi positive gauge pressure

Pressure range model code construction should be one string of characters without spaces and lower case.


  • PT30-2psig-1-1-1-2           0 psi to 2 psi gauge
  • PT30-30psia-1-1-1-2         0 psi to 30 psi absolute
  • PT30-100psic-1-1-1-2       -15 psi to 100 psi gauge
  • PT30-15psiv-1-1-1-2         -15 psi to 0 psi gauge
  • PT30-1v15psig-1-1-1-2     -1 psi to 15 psi gauge 

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