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NOSHOK Solutions For Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) Processing


Precise measurement and 3A sanitary equipment are crucial in the processing of anhydrous milk fat. NOSHOK’s custom solution for a large butter processing manufacturer included tank level and line pressure measurement sanitary transmitters. NOSHOK’s intelligent sanitary pressure transmitters provided unique design and technology benefits resulting in highly accurate and reliable measurement in the AMF production process.

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Anhydrous milk fat is manufactured from fresh butter or cream and must contain at least pure 99.8% milk fat and no additives. Codex Alimentarius standard CODEX STAN 280-1973 defines anhydrous milkfat, milkfat, anhydrous butteroil and butteroil as “fatty products derived exclusively from milk and/or products obtained from milk by means of processes which result in almost total removal of water and non-fat solids.”

AMF processing generally involves continuous flow direct from cream/milk and/or from reworked butter. During this process, there are many stages which require critical tank level and pressure measurements.

When the cream is being made into butter, buttermilk is extracted out of the process. This leaves butter which is approximately 80% fat. The butter is then melted and held in a tank.

NOSHOK’s 3A approved 204 Series Intelligent Silo & Tank Level Sanitary Pressure Transmitters were installed on the buttermilk tank and the raw melted butter tank, which allowed easy programming and range adjustment without test pressure via on-board display. These highly accurate transmitters provide an accuracy 0.1% of adjusted span and 10:1 turn down, as well as a 360° rotatable display for ease of reading in multiple configurations.

The product is then pumped from the holding tank to a separator which removes any excess water/buttermilk. The butteroil that is left is approximately 99.5% fat. After a final vacuum treatment, the final product, AMF, will be in the oil tank at 99.8% fat.

NOSHOK’s 254 Series Intelligent Pressure & Level Transmitters were installed in the balance tanks and CIP tanks, as well as monitoring various line pressures in the process.

This large butter manufacturing company chose NOSHOK products due to several unique design & technology advantages, including reduced potential for damage, minimized temperature/position error, and greater rangeability reducing required inventory. NOSHOK also offers an industry leading 3-year warranty to back the quality of its products.

NOSHOK’s sanitary transmitters are designed with unique flush diaphragm technology that utilizes a compact, robust diaphragm with matching substrate to minimize the amount of fill fluid and reduce potential for damage. The instrument’s diaphragms are laser welded and helium leak tested, and sensors are positioned close to the media to provide active temperature compensation at the point of measurement to minimize temperature and position error. These sensors also provide local indication of process temperature. No reference pressure is required for range adjustment. Linearization can also be made for various tank shapes.

The transmitter’s robust polished Stainless Steel housing is ideal for hygienic applications and harsh, aggressive ambient conditions, and Hart® protocol is available.

Contact us at info@noshok.com or ask your Regional Sales Manager about how NOSHOK can provide an accurate and improved custom solution for your anhydrous milk fat processing application.

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