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NOSHOK - A Measurement Solutions Company | Corporate Overview 2024

Here at NOSHOK, we are in the measurement solutions business.

Founded in 1967, the company has been providing pressure, temperature, and level measurement solutions along with instrument, valve, and manifold valve solutions, and specific food and beverage and marine solutions with our acquisition of King Gage. 

Customers that we service are varied in the industry. We have oil and gas, we have fluid power, food and beverage,water and waste, general industrial to name a few.

NOSHOK team is comprised of individuals from every walk of life and we have an average employment length here of 11 years. These are individuals that have been production technicians, they've been leads, they've been in other positions in the company, and it gives them the ability to take care of that customer with whatever specific needs they might have. 

We encourage our customer base and our distributor partners to bring to us challenging applications. In doing so, we employ our many years of technical and application expertise; our team to address the application oftentimes that requires a custom solutions approach.

This is a type of company that takes care of its people with our facility, with our culture, and allows them to utilize their skills and advance within the company because we continue to grow. The individuals here have a focus on taking care of the customer and they've been with the company a lot of time. They have a lot of knowledge and they try to park that on to the customer to make sure that our products fit in their application successfully.

From the very beginning, we set out to provide products on the highest tier on the quality circles. In addition to that, the customer experience and the value that we bring to the customers are extremely important to us. We don't Focus completely on product only, but the whole experience.

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