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Volume 3, Issue 4
Winter 2011
Happy Holidays
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In This Issue:


  • New Customer Support Manager
  • New Core Accounts Manager






New Customer Support Manager

Nancy Hofstetter, Customer Support Manager
Nancy Hofstetter
Customer Support Manager

In our ongoing effort to provide the highest level of customer support to our distributors, customers and partners, we have brought Nancy Hofstetter on board as our new Customer Support Manager.

Nancy has undergone intensive product training in our facility to provide her with a strong knowledge base of our products and applications. She has an MBA in International Business from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). She worked in Santiago, Chile as Deputy Representative for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank during the Chilean debt restructuring. She has been a restauranteur and, more recently, International Sales Manager, where she developed a customer base in Central and South America, as well as the Asia Pacific region.

She is fluent in Spanish so she can also accommodate our Spanish-speaking customers and distributors. Please join us in welcoming Nancy to the NOSHOK team!

New Core Accounts Manager Position

Corbin Schmitt
Corbin Schmitt
Core Accounts Manager

Also, many of you are familiar with Corbin Schmitt who has served in many roles during his 25 years as  a NOSHOK employee. We have strategically re-positioned Corbin as Core Accounts Manager, to address specific distributor and customer requirements, and resolve any issues, questions or opportunities that may arise. In addition, he will monitor all blanket orders and releases, and provide ongoing assistance to customer service in all areas. Corbin will be traveling with our RSMs to visit customers personally to provide additional customer support.

Customer satisfaction drives our business. If you have any feedback, suggestions or a testimonial regarding our company or products, please contact Nancy Hofstetter at 440.243.0888 or email nhofstetter@noshok.com.

  Product Focus
Gas Pressure Test Kit
Gas Pressure Test Kit

Level Measurement Solutions

More info on gauges & transmitters
More info on valves
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NOSHOK offers a variety of level measurement solutions, including low pressure gauges, transducers and submersible transducers, and 2-valve liquid level manifolds designed to measure pressures from vacuum, inches of water, feet of water, to psig. We also offer block valves which can be put onto the side of a tank so the instrument can be removed without draining the tank.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Reliable and cost-effective approach as compared to other level measurement technologies
  • Utilizing the NOSHOK submersible transmitter, the user can continuously monitor level
  • Pressurized vessels and well sites can be accurately measured using a dual transducer approach
  • Custom cable options are available for specific applications ranging from cost-effective PVC which is ideal for water wells and applications with non-corrosive media, to Polyurethane (PUR), to Teflon® (FEP) for use with corrosive media or where outstanding abrasion resistance is required such as oil & gas wells
  • Available in hazardous location versions*


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Bimetal Thermometer



Expansion of Bimetal Thermometer Offering


Vapor actuated remote thermometer
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To better accommodate customer requirements, we have implemented a significant stock item expansion of our bimetal thermometers, including new dual scale Fahrenheit/Celsius ranges and single scale Fahrenheit and Celsius ranges. We have also increased our stock offering of stem lengths.

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Diaphragm Seals
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Substantial Price Reduction on Diaphragm Seals

Due to improved design and manufacturing capabilities, we have significantly reduced pricing on our Diaphragm Seals. Our Diaphragm Seal line includes a variety of welded and non-welded options, available in a range of materials, sizes and styles to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements. We've recently added our Type 5 Reduced Pressure Polymer Seal which is ideal for wastewater and chemical feed applications.

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Application Insight


For more information, please contact your local NOSHOK distributor.


Simplify your system with this easy to order and install package!

These three simple components in one neat package require only one thread-o-let in your piping system, and provide local indication (gauge), control output (transmitter) and block/isolate and bleed function (multiport valve).

This product package is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including oil and gas.

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Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities

We’ve made several improvements in our manufacturing capabilities which will greatly increase our efficiency and productivity. Upgrades include:

New Quality Control digital Keyence IM6500 Image Dimension Measurement System drastically decreases measurement errors, greatly reduces inspection time, and increases inspector efficiency for faster, more accurate dimensional inspections.
New Mimaki UJF-3042 UV LED Flatbed Printer allowing flexibility for below minimum custom dial production runs, reducing cost and delivery times. Printer
New PWL-155C-21 Weldlogic Weld Lathe brings precision welding capabilities, improving assembly efficiency and reducing costs within our diaphragm seals and sanitary instruments program. Lathe

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Google+ Page

Check out our new Google+ page, and add us to your circles for updates, announcements, promotions, fans only contests, and more! You can connect with us on our other social sites also, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Meet the Customer Support Team

Brandon Baron has been with NOSHOK for nearly 10 years, during which time he has worked in nearly every area of production; including both the gauge and electronics labs, valve assembly, as well as shipping and warehousing. He's been a Customer Support Specialist for three years. Brandon Baron
Brandon Baron
Brian Joo is also a long-term NOSHOK employee, with 12 years of experience including Valve Assembly Supervision, working in the Purchasing department, and working in the gauge and electronics labs. He has served for more than five years in the Customer Support Department. Brian Joo
Brian Joo
Dean Rybak came on board eleven years ago, bringing extensive technical  and sales experience ranging from managing inside sales and customer service to roles as Sales and Application Engineer. After intensive product training with NOSHOK, he has been a member of our Customer Support Department for over a decade. Dean Rybak
Dean Rybak

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  Tech Tip
Q: What does a gauge accuracy statement really mean?
(Examples: 1% of span, 3-2-3 percent of span)

Accuracy is the difference between the true value and the gauge indication expressed as a percent of the gauge span.  It is determined by comparing a gauge indication to a known standard or certified true value and combines the effects of method, observer, apparatus, and environment. Accuracy error also includes hysteresis and repeatability errors. An ASME B40.1 class B gauge has three accuracies. For example, a 3-2-3 percent of span designation stands for 3% in the first quarter of the scale, 2% in the middle half of the scale and 3% in the upper quarter of the scale.

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  Customer Connection


Industrial Processing Online Event

Global Spec ShowPlease join us at the FREE Global Spec Industrial Processing online show, to be held on January 11, 2012! We'll be showcasing our products with a live staff available to chat, email, and answer any questions you may have. There will also be a booth giveaway! Click here to register.

Click here to provide your testimonial, input and/or suggestions regarding NOSHOK products or services.

SwitchSave Up to 90% On Electronic Smart Switches!

We’re offering incredible savings on our Smart Switches while supplies last! NOSHOK 600 Series Smart Switches feature corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel welded construction, and utilize proven sputtered thin film and diffused semi-conductor technology to provide unparalleled accuracy, stability, and service life. They also provide high overpressure protection and are highly resistant to mechanical shock and vibration.

For details and to order, visit our website at www.noshok.com or call our Customer Support Department at 440.243.0888. Merry Christmas!



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