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Expanded NOSHOK Valve Product Solutions Catalog Now Available

Temperature products

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Our comprehensive Valve Product Solutions Catalog has been updated to include new products and options, and additional technical information.

A featured new product in this catalog is our Flare Pattern™ Manifold Valves, which feature equalization valves and vent valves which are angled to provide maximum clearance for fingers during operation.

This catalog features our extensive offering of standard bore and large bore needle & manifold valves, including block and bleed valves in hard or soft seat/tip designs with ratings up to 10,000 psi. Our innovative valve design is patented for exceptional performance and increased pressure capabilities.

Download or order your catalog now, or call our Customer Support team at 440.243.0888 with any questions.

Volume 5, Issue 4








Digital Gauge Offers Long Life, Compound Ranges

The NOSHOK 1000 Series Digital Gauge allows local digital indication of pressure in place of mechanical gauges, and provides 4,000 hours of battery life. Precision, reliability and mechanical durability make the NOSHOK 1000 Series Digital Gauge ideal for pressure measurement in a variety of applications; including machine construction, apparatus monitoring, hydraulics & pneumatics, and mobile test equipment.

Standard pressure ranges are available from 0 psig to 30 psig, to as high as 0 psig to 10,000 psig. Compound ranges are also available from 30/30 psig through 30/600 psig.

The display on the NOSHOK 1000 Series Gauge has an integrated bar graph with a trailing indicating pointer to show the trends in a working pressure system, and an additional display provides a direct readout of the peak value, tare and other functions.

An optional internal light ensures display is optimally lit for a clear readout in all lighting conditions, while buttons on the front of the display allow easy adjustment of the programmable functions. This gauge meets all electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) to EN 61326 and is CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI and ESD.

Optional features include tare function, password protection, min./max. memory, internal lighting, 300° rotatable base, rubber case protector..

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type 40 annular

Versatile Attachable Loop-Powered Digital Indicators

NOSHOK’s 1800 Series Attachable Loop Indicators provide another convenient option for local digital indication.

These indicators are easily inserted into NOSHOK pressure transmitters utilizing a 4 mA to 20 mA output signal and the Hirschmann (DIN 43650A) connector. They are programmable to display a range of -1999 to 9999, and can be tilted for better viewing.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Operated by simple menu-driven programming
  • User selectable digital filtering to improve readability in rapidly varying pressure applications
  • All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory so that the reprogramming is not necessary in the event of a power failure
  • No extra wiring needed
  • For use with NOSHOK 300, 615, 616, and 800 Series Transmitters
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI, and ESD
  • Available with optional relay that is programmable through the front of the meter

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Digital Indicator
Application Insight  


Orifice meter chart recorders monitor the flow measurement of fluids across an orifice plate or other differential producing element. The chart recorder measures the differential pressure across the primary element, such as an orifice plate, and records the differential pressure on a circular chart. The differential pressure, usually in inches of water column, represents volumetric flow rates over time. While this is an older technology, the industry still relies upon circular chart recorders for monitoring critical flow rates. NOSHOK now offers a variety of valve solutions to easily integrate into this system while providing reliable isolation, equalization, and bleed/calibrate functions.

NOSHOK Meter Manifolds are specifically designed for use on flow recorders. They can be configured in 2-valve, 3-valve and 5-valve designs, depending on the application requirements. The soft seat design provides a 6,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F.

NOSHOK Meter Manifolds feature a replaceable Delrin® seat and straight through porting for bidirectional, high capacity flow and easy roddable cleaning. A blow-out proof stem provides a secondary stem seal in the full open position. An FKM o-ring seal and PTFE back-up ring below the stem threads protect from corrosion & galling. PTFE packing is optional.

NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ 5-valve natural gas manifold valves are an ideal solution for applications involving differential pressure transmitters or flow computers. The equalization valves and the vent valve are angled to provide maximum clearance during operation without having to invest in additional material to provide spacing for clearance.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ valves feature a patented body-to-bonnet, metal-to-metal seal which is designed to significantly increase the pressure range of the valve (U.S. Patent 7,758,014). NOSHOK soft tip valves also feature a patented Delrin® non-rotating soft tip stem, and a back-up metal-to-metal seal (U.S. Patent 6,820,857).

NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ valves are available in block, single flange, or double flange connection for remote or direct installation. NOSHOK 5030 Series hard seat valves have a 10,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F, and the 5130 Series soft seat/tip valves have a 6,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F. Multiple options are available including packings, stem tips, o-rings and handles, and we also offer accessories including dielectric kits, futbols, mounting kits, differential pressure to static plates and static adapters.

For more information on these product or other NOSHOK measurement solutions, contact NOSHOK Customer Support at 440.243.0888, visit our website at, or e-mail.

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More info on manifold valves and Flare Pattern™ 5-valve natural gas manifold valves
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Cleveland Freeze Gels As Season Progresses

The NOSHOK-sponsored Cleveland Freeze professional arena soccer team’s debut season is rolling along at 4-3 after their recent win over the Cincinnati Saints, putting them in second place overall in the Eastern Division. The Freeze takes special pride in being the first team in the nine year PASL year history to sell out our home opener.

The team has strengthened its foundation with the addition of several key players and by signing Hector Marinaro, the all-time leader in points and goals in professional indoor soccer, as their Head Coach. Special recognition goes to NOSHOK’s own Scott Cunningham who made it through try-outs and was signed to the roster.

The Cleveland Freeze has also implemented theme nights for all home games to generate fan excitement as well as to benefit charities. Each home game will have a theme and partner with a charity or non-profit as the Organization of the Evening. “It is important that we are able to engage with and give back to the local community. Community involvement is a pillar for the Freeze organization.” Manager of Game Day Operations & Events Ellen Simon explained.

The games will bring awareness to the many activities and events taking place within communities throughout Northeast Ohio. Themed nights will include a Holiday Food and Clothing Drive, a Pack the House Holiday Party, Fan Appreciation Night and a Healthy Awareness Night. President and General Manager Scott Snider commented, “We are very excited to be working within the community and giving back. Our themed nights will not only add a level of excitement for the fans but we will be able to collect items to be given back where needed within the community and help generate awareness of the many good things happening locally.”

NOSHOK looks forward to the remainder of the season as this exciting new soccer team continues to forge ahead in 2014!

Learn more about the new Cleveland Freeze soccer team

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NOSHOK Supports The Hunger Network

NOSHOK employees enjoyed some afternoon basketball after NOSHOK won court time at The Q (Quicken Loans Arena) at a fundraiser for the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland.

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Rotating one piece valve stem vs. non-rotating two piece valve stem

How do they work? Check out our animations to find out!

See more NOSHOK Tech Tips

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Congratulations to Randy Lanter of BW Rogers, the winner of our latest drawing! Randy participated in our brief survey regarding online search trends and was chosen to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Keep an eye on future editions of The Pointer and our social media sites for upcoming opportunities to win more prizes!

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5-Valve Natural Gas Manifold Valves - Flare Pattern 2180 Series 2-Valve Meter Manifold, Soft Seat Valves