How Simple Pressure Switches Can Be An Ideal Basic Control Solution
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In today's modern process automation and control landscape, sensor technologies are becoming more sophisticated and widely applied. To make meaningful use of these technologies, process control systems have also become more sophisticated requiring expert specialists to architect and implement. Some applications however are not better served with the overhead and sophistication of these types of integrated control systems. In these cases, something as ordinary as a simple pressure switch can be a perfect solution for a basic control application.

The following article will re-introduce pressure switches as a general purpose process control element. Topics of discussion will include the basic technology of a pressure switch, various types and features of different pressure switches, how to choose the right pressure switch for an application, along with application examples.

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Mechanical Pressure Switch Basics
Different Types of Pressure Switches and Their Intrinsic Nature
Common Pressure Switch Features
Various Types of Switches: Creep Action, Snap Action, Non-Contact
Application Guidance
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