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Hiring Process

The KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company hiring process is discerning, because we believe strongly in only hiring top performers and team players.

Job Search

The process begins with searching for a job opening that interests you by job title or department. You can find any available positions on the Departments/Job Opportunities page of our website.

Applying at KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company

Once you apply for a job by submitting your resume and if your qualifications meet our needs, you will be contacted by our recruiting team to set up a preliminary interview. During this interview you will take a basic skills assessment test and meet with a recruiter to discuss your skills, experience, and goals one-on-one.

Onsite Interview

You’ve applied for the position and your skills fit the job. At this time, you will be brought into the NOSHOK offices to meet with key personnel regarding the job you are applying for. Depending on the timing and outcome of this interview, you may be given a tour of the facility and meet some staff members.

Profiling Assessment

We require all potential hires to complete an online survey. This four part survey gives us a more in-depth idea of not only your tactical and professional skills, but your personality type and problem-solving abilities. This helps us determine how well you may fit into our team.

Additional Interviews

You may be called for additional interviews, as necessary, possibly including a social interview.

What happens next 

Following your interviews, we will decide if you are suitable for the job opening. We take hiring very seriously. To that end, it can take up to two weeks for us to make a definitive decision as to whether we'd like to have you join the team. Please be patient with us – your recruiter will keep in touch with you when feedback has been received and decisions made. Also feel free to get in touch with your recruiter at any time.

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