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Measurement Solutions for Well Service Vehicles in Oil & Gas

For over half of a century, NOSHOK has been providing custom Measurement Solutions to the oil and gas industry including well servicing, upstream, midstream, downstream and offshore. NOSHOK also offers a wide variety of instrumentation to address remote measurement on service vehicles including blending, frac, cementing, wireline, workover etc.

Several specific applications are listed below that incorporate NOSHOK’s Measurement Solutions.

Application: Pressure Measurement points on well service and completion vehicles to include Blenders, FRAC, Cementing, as well as wireline vehicles.

Solution: A full array of pressure transmitters and transducers are available in general purpose, explosion proof and intrinsically safe designs; all with excellent vibration and pulsation resistance performance. All commonly used industry electronic outputs are available.

Application: Pump discharge pressure measurement on cementing, acidizing and injection operations.

Solution: NOSHOK CSA-approved intrinsically safe Hammer Union Transmitters in ranges from 0-5,000 psig up to 0-20,000 psig.

Application: High- and low-pressure alarms (pumps, distribution lines, tanks, etc.).

Solution: Full array of NOSHOK pressure switches with a multitude of available ranges, electrical connections, and process connections.

Application:  Pressure and Temperature measurement and indication on the control panels.

Solution: Broad selection of pressure gauges in several panel mount configurations. Vapor Actuated Thermometers for remote temperature measurement points with capillary leading to the control panel; several panel mount configurations.

NOSHOK pressure gauges are available in a liquid filled case (commonly used for high vibration services) with brass or stainless-steel wetted parts.

Due to the design of the NOSHOK Vapor Actuated Thermometer, there is minimal error due to ambient temperature conditions.  The vapor actuated thermometer is available in a brass case or stainless-steel case and most often configured with a liquid filled case.  Several panel mounting options are available, in addition to many options with capillary lengths.

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