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Advanced Sanitary Pressure Transmitters for the Food & Beverage Industry from NOSHOK

NOSHOK Intelligent Tank & Silo Pressure Transmitters offer several key design & performance benefits which provide greater rangeability for less inventory, reduce potential for damage, and minimize temperature and position error.

These transmitters are specifically engineered for the Food & Beverage industry and are Ideal for food processing, beverage, dairy, and tank & silo level applications.

NOSHOK’s exclusive design positions the sensors close to the media directly behind the diaphragm to allow for rapid temperature compensation, resulting in faster, more accurate readings.

These technological advantages can help prevent tank overflow, saving resources and down time.

Unlike industry standard fill quantities, NOSHOK’s compact, robust diaphragm with matching sensor base minimizes the amount of fill fluid and reduces the potential for damage.

Turn down ratios up to 10:1 allow more flexibility in ranges and reduce required inventory. A 360º rotatable display offers flexibility and readability in multiple mounting positions. The vent plug located on the back of the sensor head is easily replaced during routine maintenance.

Accuracy is based on adjusted span, not full scale, which provides higher accuracy regardless of selected range. Programming is easy via the on-board display with no reference pressure or potentiometers needed for range adjustment. Also, programming is the same across the series, so no additional training is required.

The transmitters are constructed with Stainless Steel that meets the industry’s 3A requirements.

High temperature resistance for clean in place or steam in place process.

Hart® protocol is available, and they come with a 3-year warranty.

NOSHOK 20 Series Intelligent Silo & Tank Level Sanitary Pressure Transmitters can provide all commonly used process connections available as a direct fit to the shell installed, with no adaptors or equipment adjustments required.

NOSHOK 25 Series Intelligent Pressure & Level Transmitters feature a Tri-Clamp® connection and are ideal

NOSHOK 30 Series “SNORKEL” Pressure & Level Transmitters are engineered for wash down applications and environments where space restricts easy adjustment.

Remote electronics with custom cable lengths allows for safety and durability in washdown intervals.

Contact NOSHOK customer support or a NOSHOK regional sales manager for more information or to discuss your custom engineered solution.

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