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NOSHOK Announces Strategic Management Enhancements For Continued Growth

Jeff N. Scott
Chief Executive Officer

Christian F.L. Cole

Adam R. Hershey
Vice President - Administration

Barry C. Rowley
Vice President - Operations

Berea, Ohio (March 16, 2021) NOSHOK is pleased to announce strategic executive management adjustments in alignment with its forward strategy of corporate growth, effective immediately.

“Among our top-level priorities is continuing the upward trajectory of the business, and honing our corporate strategy to drive long-term expansion – which relies strongly on putting the right team in place,” stated Jeff Scott, NOSHOK's Chief Executive Officer. “We are confident that these key enhancements to our management structure will be a strong foundation toward achieving our vision.”

Jeff Scott, who has served as President of NOSHOK for nearly 40 years, moves to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Along with the President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Scott will focus on directing high level strategic activities including market segment expansion, e-commerce, business sustainability and acquisitions.

Christian Cole has held the role of Vice President for 26 years, and will now transition to the role of President.

In addition to an executive focus regarding business growth with the CEO and CFO, Mr. Cole will direct NOSHOK’s Product Management and Marketing teams to develop product line evolution and new product development strategies.

Two new key management roles have also been added to the organizational structure to accommodate forthcoming corporate expansion.

Adam Hershey, MBA, who held the positions of Financial/Data Communications Analyst for 4 years, and Information Systems Manager for 8 years, takes on the role of Vice President – Administration. In this newly created position, Mr. Hershey will be responsible for leading NOSHOK’s Information Technology, Customer Support, Accounting and Quality Assurance departments. Among Mr. Hershey’s notable achievements during his tenure at NOSHOK are launching the NOSHOK Distributor Portal, advancing production lines through automation, and implementing a new ERP system - all with a strong focus on providing more timely and accurate information to our distribution partners and customers.

Mr. Hershey’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Bowling Green State University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Baldwin Wallace University. He is a current member of the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) Future Leaders program.

In addition, Barry Rowley elevates to the new position of Vice President – Operations. In this position, Mr. Rowley will be responsible for leading NOSHOK’s Production, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Engineering teams. Mr. Rowley joined the NOSHOK team in 2015 where he served as Quality Assurance Manager and developed a world-class quality team. During his tenure at NOSHOK, Mr. Rowley has also intermittently functioned as Purchasing Manager working in collaboration with staff and peers to build a stronger supply chain.

Mr. Rowley earned a Bachelor Degree in Science from Eastern Michigan University, is a Certified Lead ISO 9001 / 14001 Lead Auditor, and an IATF Certified ISO/IS TS 16949 Auditor.

Please join us in congratulating all as they take on these new responsibilities.

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