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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Invaluable Tools for System Diagnostics

NOSHOK offers a range of instrument options that provide a means of performing diagnostics and identifying spikes in a system to prevent damage.

The NOSHOK 300 Series Brass Case Gauge with an optional maximum indicating pointer, also known as the “Troubleshooter”, is an excellent tool for performing system set-up and diagnostics, by indicating peak process pressure to identify spikes in a system.

This gauge offers pressure ranges from vacuum through 15,000 psi, and the maximum indicating pointer option is available with 2-1/2” case, bottom or back connected. The 300 Series Gauge’s heavy-duty one-piece die casting integrates all components into a solid unit to eliminate leakage, and its glycerine fill greatly reduces the effects of vibration, pulsation and shock. The maximum indicating pointer is easily reset with a knurled thumb screw.

The NOSHOK 300 Series Gauge is available with many other options and accessories, including front or rear flanges, chrome cover ring, chrome bezel with U-clamp, multiple lens options, adapter ring, 7/16”-20 straight thread, laser marking, stainless steel tagging, and a variety of orifice sizes.


The NOSHOK 1000 Series Digital Gauge is another option that comes standard with minimum and maximum memory that is easily accessed via a front panel button. Optional enhanced software is available that enables the digital gauge to display the minimum or maximum pressure indication at all times. The NOSHOK 1000 Series Digital Gauge provides up to 4,000 hours of battery life, with pressure ranges from 30/30 psi to 10,000 psi.

Featuring a durable 304 Stainless Steel case and a bottom connection, this gauge is ideal for local digital indication of pressure in place of mechanical gauges, with excellent accuracy and a variety of optional features including tare function, password protection, internal lighting, 300º rotatable base and rubber case protector.


NOSHOK 2000 Series Smart System “Intelligent” Digital Indicators come standard with both a minimum and maximum pressure display, and employ advanced technology for a stable, drift-free readout.

These indicators accept a variety of standard process signals and precisely scale them into any desired unit of measurement. They are field upgradeable with plug-in option cards, including 4 set point alarms, analog output and serial communication.

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