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Valve Solutions For Orifice Meter Chart Recorders In Oil & Gas Processing

Orifice meter chart recorders monitor the flow measurement of fluids across an orifice plate or other differential producing element. The chart recorder measures the differential pressure across the primary element, such as an orifice plate, and records the differential pressure on a circular chart. The differential pressure, usually in inches of water column, represents volumetric flow rates over time. While this is an older technology, the industry still relies upon circular chart recorders for monitoring critical flow rates. NOSHOK offers a variety of valve solutions to easily integrate into this system while providing reliable isolation, equalization, and bleed/calibrate functions.

NOSHOK Meter Manifolds are specifically designed for use on flow recorders. They can be configured in 2-valve, 3-valve and 5-valve designs, depending on the application requirements. The soft seat design provides a 6,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F.

NOSHOK Meter Manifolds feature a replaceable Delrin® seat and straight through porting for bidirectional, high capacity flow and easy roddable cleaning. A blow-out proof stem provides a secondary stem seal in the full open position. An FKM o-ring seal and PTFE back-up ring below the stem threads protect from corrosion & galling. PTFE packing is optional.

NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ 5-valve natural gas manifold valves are an ideal solution for applications involving differential pressure transmitters or flow computers. The equalization valves and the vent valve are angled to provide maximum clearance during operation without having to invest in additional material to provide spacing for clearance.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ valves feature a patented body-to-bonnet, metal-to-metal seal which is designed to significantly increase the pressure range of the valve (U.S. Patent 7,758,014). NOSHOK soft tip valves also feature a patented Delrin® non-rotating soft tip stem, and a back-up metal-to-metal seal (U.S. Patent 6,820,857).

NOSHOK Flare Pattern™ valves are available in block, single flange, or double flange connection for remote or direct installation. NOSHOK 5030 Series hard seat valves have a 10,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F, and the 5130 Series soft seat/tip valves have a 6,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F. Multiple options are available including packings, stem tips, o-rings and handles, and we also offer accessories including dielectric kits, futbols, mounting kits, differential pressure to static plates and static adaptors.

For more information on these product or other NOSHOK measurement solutions, contact NOSHOK Customer Support at 440.243.0888 or e-mail info@noshok.com.

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