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Water & Wastewater Application-Focused Solutions

NOSHOK provides a variety of application-focused assemblies to the water & wastewater industry, including an all non-metallic diaphragm seal & pressure transmitter/switch. This tested and proven solution is used in multiple municipalities, and replaces much larger & heavier gauge/switch/diaphragm seal assemblies for pump shut-off protection.

This solution delivers a high level of repeatability and durability, and includes an electronic indicating pressure transmitter with two alarms protected by a corrosion-resistant, chemically inert PTFE diaphragm seal - with one simple connection. Its compact size and light weight significantly decreases possible leak paths, and with no moving parts to wear out, this instrument assembly provides a significantly extended service life over mechanical analog systems. The instrument and seal can be used with a power supply and Form C relays to easily integrate into any AC chemical feed system.

NOSHOK offers is an AC to DC retrofit package which easily integrates with this assembly to allow operation with 110/240 VAC systems. Featuring a solid state relay - (10A at 250 VAC), this unit is DIN rail mountable with a NEMA 4X enclosure.

NOSHOK also offers a cage-protected submersible level transmitter designed for severe high solids environments such as sewage, lift stations, storm canals, wet wells and slurry tanks where sludge, slurry or turbulence may be present. The assembly is welded at the cap, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial and municipal liquid level measurement applications requiring watertight protection. Multiple options are available including a lifting ring, cable clamp, cable junction box, filter element and desiccant cartridge.

NOSHOK’s dDistribution manifold assembly connects multiple instruments to one diaphragm seal, eliminating multiple connections that lead to possible leak paths. Its lower fill volume also enhances performance and decreases temperature error. Multiple sizes and configurations are available.

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