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Volume 15, Issue 1 (Summer 2023)

Don't Get Left Behind!  PIM Data for E-Commerce

Digital sales platforms have become a necessity in the B2B landscape.

NOSHOK can provide an export from our PIM (Product Information Management) system which includes part numbers with descriptions, specifications, attributes, image references, and list and net pricing, as well as images and assets referenced in the file.

We can also provide available stock inventory to be automatically delivered on a schedule.

Contact Adam Hershey for more information or to set up a TEAMS call to get started!

Product Focus

Gradual Transition To New Part Number System

To more clearly differentiate between NOSHOK product series and improve functionality in our partners’ automated systems, NOSHOK will begin to progressively transition to a simplified and intuitive product numbering model.

Initially, NOSHOK will be using the updated model number construction for new products ONLY. While the new model scheme was engineered to work with all products in our portfolio, we are not modifying existing product model numbers at this time.

The new part numbering model will:

  • Initially be for new products only
  • Be consistent with legacy model numbers requiring minimal adjustment
  • Eliminate NOSHOK product series overlap
  • Improve model number function in automated systems
  • Be introduced with new PTI Series Intelligent Pressure Transmitters

More Info - New Part Numbering

NEW Premier Intelligent Transmitters For Industrial Applications

More Info - PTI20 Series Intelligent
More Info - PTI30 Series High Accurary Intelligent
More Info - PTI40 Series Premier Accurary Intelligent

NOSHOK’s new premier portfolio of PTI Series industrial pressure transmitters are built with the same advanced technology as our existing line of intelligent transmitters that address the sanitary market, featuring an exclusive design that minimizes sensor fill fluid for rapid temperature compensation and faster, more accurate readings.

NOSHOK's PTI Series transmitters are engineered to address a wide range of applications including:

  • General industrial
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water and wastewater
  • Power generation
  • Food and beverage

All NOSHOK intelligent pressure transmitters feature an exclusive design that positions the pressure & temperature sensors close to the media directly behind the diaphragm, and minimizes sensor fill fluid for rapid temperature compensation and faster, more accurate readings. Other features include:

  • Easy programming via the on-board display and require no reference pressure for range adjustment
  • Multiple accuracy options
  • Wide turn down ratios allow greater rangeability and minimizing required inventory
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • A variety of process connection options
  • Optional HART® protocol

The new PTI Series transmitters are the first NOSHOK products utilizing our updated part numbering system which incorporates alpha characters to define the series by process and product type - P (Pressure), T (Transmitters), I (Intelligent).

Read more about the new PTI Series applications in the Pulp & Paper Industry.

PTI20 Series PTI30 Series PTI40 Series
Pressure Transmitter
High Accurary Intelligent
Pressure Transmitter
Premier Accuracy
Pressure Transmitter
  • Adjustable pressure ranges vacuum to 1,160 psig
  • Accurary ±0.2% of adjusted span
  • 4:1 turn down
  • Adjustable pressure ranges vacuum to 1,450 psig
  • Accuracy ±0.1% of adjusted span
  • 10:1 turn down
  • Adjustable pressure ranges 1 to 300 psig
  • Accurary ±0.075% of adjusted span
  • 100:1 turn down


RFQ - PTI Series Intelligent Pressure Transmitters

View Options

Reliable Pressure Switches, Delivered Fast

In a pinch for mechanical switches? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Multiple connection options, vacuum, low pressure and high pressure models, compact SPST, SPDT, adjustable hysteresis – fast delivery!


REDUCED PRICING on 300 Series Pressure Transducers

Product Specifications

Same product, significantly lower price! NOSHOK has streamlined processes and increased production efficiencies to reduce pricing on our 300 Series Compact OEM Pressure Transducers.

NOSHOK 300 Series Transducers offer ranges from 0 psig to 15 psig through 0 psig to 10,000 psig and absolute ranges from 0 psia to 15 psia through 0 psia to 300 psia. Current and voltage outputs are available.

NOSHOK 300 Series Transducers are ideal for applications including HVAC, hydraulics & pneumatics, injection molding machines, railroad equipment and stamping & forming presses.

Contact us for pricing details!

Application Insight

Essential Factors For Sizing A Pressure Gauge Relative To Process Pressures, Normal Operating Pressures And Maximum Pressures

A pressure gauge is an essential component of any process system as it provides a vital indication of the system's pressure, which is necessary for safe and efficient operation. Choosing the right pressure gauge for the application is critical, and several factors should be considered, including the pressure range, accuracy requirements, and gauge size.

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Process pressures can be either static or dynamic, and selecting a pressure gauge that operates outside the system's pressure range can cause inaccurate readings or even gauge failure.

Pressure gauges are designed to operate within specific pressure ranges, typically expressed in pounds per square inch (psi) or bar. The pressure range should cover the entire normal operating pressure range of the system with sufficient resolution to provide an accurate reading.

The pressure range of a gauge should be a minimum of 10% over the maximum working pressure in static conditions (no pressure fluctuations). In dynamic conditions, the gauge range should be a minimum of 40% over the maximum working pressure. Ideally, the pressure gauge range should be selected for a midscale reading during normal operating pressures.

Normal operating pressures refer to the pressure range in which the system typically operates, and the pressure gauge's range should cover the entire normal operating pressure range with sufficient resolution to provide an accurate reading. For applications that require high accuracy, it may be necessary to select a pressure gauge with a higher resolution or a lower measurement uncertainty.

The maximum pressure is the highest pressure that the system can generate, and it's essential to select a pressure gauge that can safely and accurately measure the system's maximum pressure. The pressure rating is the maximum pressure that the gauge can safely withstand without failure. It should be higher than the system's maximum pressure to ensure that the gauge can withstand any pressure spikes that may occur during the system's operation.

When sizing a pressure gauge, it's also important to consider the gauge size. The size of the pressure gauge should be appropriate for the applications required accuracy, and the system's location. How accurately you need to read the pressure value should be a factor when selecting the correct gauge.  A larger gauge may be required for systems that require higher accuracy are difficult to access or have high vibration levels.

Consider these factors when choosing a pressure gauge to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the process system.

Read more Application Insight articles here.


Scaling Up: Strategic Hiring and Promotions Driving Corporate Growth

NOSHOK is happy to announce new employees and recent promotions as our company continues to grow. Please help us to welcome our newest team members and congratulate employees who have been elevated due to hard work and dedication.

Jody Hurd has been hired as NOSHOK’s Customer Support Manager. Jody brings 27 years of experience in inside sales management, call center management, customer service, and employee training. Jody looks forward to getting acquainted with our partners and leading her team to provide the best customer support in the industry.
Contact Jody
Brian Joo has been promoted to Customer Support Specialist – Lead. Brian is a familiar face and voice to many of you, having been with NOSHOK for over two decades. Brian has demonstrated outstanding customer and application support and will assist Jody in leading the Customer Support team.
Contact Brian
Jacob Biada has taken on the role of Information Systems Manager. Jake held the position of ERP/Workstation Support Analyst for 8 years with NOSHOK and has been promoted to the manager position due to his exceptional analytical skills and technical expertise.
Andrew Perkins has been hired as NOSHOK’s I.T. Support Specialist. Andrew’s experience includes over ten years of experience in I.T. support.



Online Portal For Order Status, Product Availability

The NOSHOK / KING-GAGE Portal is designed to streamline and simplify access to order information, and allow orders to be placed online. The Portal has many other valuable features, including:

  • View real time product availability and pricing
  • Add items to your cart and make purchases
  • Check the status of orders
  • View past orders and tracking numbers
  • View invoices and RMAs
  • Order catalogs and flyers
  • Stay apprised of joint marketing opportunities

To request portal access for yourself or additional personnel in your organization, take one of the steps below:

  1. Select "Create a Business Account" at https://portal.noshok.com/
  2. Inform NOSHOK to grant access

For login assistance or navigationa guidance, please contact your NOSHOK Regional Sales Manager, email NOSHOK or call 440.243.0888

Watch for updates as we add more functionality to the NOSHOK / KING-GAGE Portal!

Link to NOSHOK / KING-GAGE Portal

Shareable Content Web Page For NOSHOK Parners

View Social Media
Content for NOSHOK

Content, images, and links to more information are available for NOSHOK Partners to share on social media platforms, in e-newsletters, blogs, or any other venue on our Shareable Content web page.

Check back frequently as more content is being added regularly. If you have any suggestions for specific content you are interested in, please reach out to Sheryl Pritt, NOSHOK Marketing Manager.

Additional content for sharing is available in our Application Insight articles.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Tech Tip

What is the difference between an adjustable union connection and a sliding compression fitting?

The sliding compression fitting can be used to adjust the immersion depth of the instrument’s stem. 

The adjustable union connection can be used to reposition the dial face and for better viewing.

Click here for more FAQs!

Adjustable Union Connection Sliding Compression Fitting

Customer Connection

NOSHOK's LinkedIn Lead Generation Partner Program

Contact Us To
Receive Leads
Follow NOSHOK on

NOSHOK is committed to our partnerships and helping you discover new opportunities in your territory, finding critical decision makers, and converting opportunities to sales.

To this end, we are taking advantage of the power of social media, specifically the business platform LinkedIn.

We now offer highly targeted lists of companies and/or individuals based on position title, experience, industry, size, etc. in your region, and will share these leads with you upon request. Lists usually range anywhere from 50 to 500+ contacts depending on the parameters provided.

Contact/Lead lists will include first and last names, current company, position title, time with the company and time in the current role, and any additional information that can be obtained.

There are many great benefits to using LinkedIn for lead generation. As we create lead lists for our partners, we will also be inviting contacts to connect with NOSHOK, for a few reasons.

First, it acts as a soft opener for an introduction to the contact/lead and advise that he/she may have already been contacted by a NOSHOK representative because we believe he/she might be a good fit for products provided by your company.

Second, when the connection invitation is accepted, the contact is essentially signing up to see NOSHOK LinkedIn posts. NOSHOK posts are seen hundreds of times and are great for free marketing to help stay top of mind with your customers.

Third, we can advise which individuals have connected, identifying the most qualified leads.

If interested in taking part in this program, please contact Dave Reulbach, NOSHOK Customer Support Specialist

PT Transmitter Crossover Tool

Convert to PT Series