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Custom Measurement Solutions for Tire Presses

NOSHOK provides custom Measurement Solutions for tire plants that manufacture everything from automobile and truck tires to large construction equipment tires. One such solution was provided for a top tier tire company with retreading plants throughout the United States and Canada.

Custom Design and Supply of a Manifold for the Curing Chamber.

One of the many processes in a tire plant involves curing or vulcanization. This particular plant was in the process of developing a new curing process which would reduce the curing time of a tire from 3 - 4 hours to just 1.5 - 1.8 hours. The process would also increase productivity with significant cost savings, giving them an edge over their competition.

The new technology incorporates the use of a “curing chamber”, where as many as 25 tires could be cured at a time. The process involves the precision measurements of pressure, temperature, and time - all monitored by computer sensing controls. NOSHOK assisted in the custom design and supply of a manifold for the curing chamber. Among other components, up to 25 sensors were needed to monitor pressure per manifold.

Multiple sensors were tested but ultimately NOSHOK 300 Series Compact OEM Transducers were chosen due to their high level of performance and cost-effectiveness.

The NOSHOK transducers contributed to the success of their process and helped them to get this new technology working efficiently within their plants.

Another NOSHOK custom solution was provided at a facility in which large earth moving equipment tires are manufactured. NOSHOK 200 Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges were provided to monitor a process where pressure is applied to membranes (large inner-tubes) to support the tire while waiting to be placed in the press for curing.


ATV Tire Press Solution

NOSHOK also addressed an application at a tire plant that manufactures ATV tires for vehicles including Polaris and Artic Cat, where there was a need for pressure sensors to monitor their tire presses.

The plant was having issues with a competitor’s transmitter continuously falling out of calibration, known as calibration drift.

The tire manufacturer decided to make the switch to NOSHOK sensors, based on our renowned quality and reliability, as well as our dedication to analyzing issues and providing customized solutions. The NOSHOK sensors performed much better than their previous model, however some calibration issues began to arise again.

Several units were sent back for analysis, whereupon it was determined that there was severe corrosion inside of the orifice and on the diaphragm of the sensor. This corrosion caused the transmitter outputs to vary substantially. No clear-cut culprit of the corrosion was determined, but after much discussion and investigation, it was concluded that there could be an issue with the piping used for their adaptors. The metals used in the piping had a very high iron content, and being used in combination with steam the issue of corrosion had to be considered. The corrosion at the process connection can be seen in the photo below.

Left: Problem - Corrosion on process connection
Right: Solution - NOSHOK transmitter with protective diaphragm seal

NOSHOK recommended that a NOSHOK Type 25 Diaphragm Seal be assembled on a NOSHOK 100 Series Transmitter to protect it from the corrosion. The transmitters with diaphragm seals were installed and evaluated over several months, and performed very well with no calibration drift.

We continue to work on additional assemblies to complete all of their presses with this solution.


Truck & Bus Tire Manufacturing Solutions

NOSHOK has also provided solutions at several facilities that manufacture truck and bus tires.

NOSHOK 615 High Accuracy Heavy-Duty Transducers are being used on their presses, while NOSHOK 400 Series All Stainless Steel Gauges provide local indication.

NOSHOK is dedicated to providing customized engineered solutions to address specific process requirements. These are just a few examples of how NOSHOK provided solutions for consistently high quality performance at multiple tire press plants.

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