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Measurement Solutions for Industrial Parts Cleaning Systems

NOSHOK partnered with Magnus Engineered Equipment, a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial parts cleaning equipment using specialized immersion cleaning technology, to provide Measurement Solutions for their cleaning systems.

Magnus standard and custom systems are produced for parts cleaning, degreasing, and metal treatment using both aqueous and safety solvent systems for parts ranging from small intricate precision items to very large heavy machine parts.

In July, Magnus delivered two machines equipped with NOSHOK instrumentation to a well-known company that manufactures the world’s most widely used family of mid-sized industrial gas turbines. Primary applications include electric power generation, oil and natural gas production, and natural gas transmission.

NOSHOK’s 1000 Series Differential Gauges and 500 Series All Stainless Steel Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges were used to measure the flow of the customer’s cleaning solution through the filtration system. A high-quality gauge that will withstand vibration and shock is critical to the efficient operation of the filtration system. Filtration increases the life of the cleaning bath saving cleaning chemicals and downtime. NOSHOK’s 100 Series Mini Valves, and 400 Series Stainless Steel Needle Valves were used to control the pressure on the Magnus pneumatic lift systems.

Magnus machines are built to last with many machines still in service after 30 years of continuous operation. The durability and performance of the NOSHOK product line is a perfect match for the machines designed and manufactured by Magnus Engineered Equipment.

Magnus Engineered Cleaning Equipment also uses the NOSHOK 800 Series Electronic Indicating Pressure Transmitter/Switch, and 615 Series High Accuracy Transmitters on their bearing cleaning systems.

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